Trying Not To Focus On The Date Date

Alyson 38 weeks
Here I am, 38 weeks pregnant and literally glowing in the sunshine!

One thing I picked up over the course of my pregnancy was the concept of a “guess date” rather than a due date.  People get so wrapped around a single day, even when only 5% of all babies are born then!   Over the course of my pregnancy, I’ve had three different guess dates.  The first was May 22, as predicted by my LMP and the second was May 24 at the first peek of our little bean during an 8 week ultrasound.  Then finally I was given the date of May 16 during an ultrasound at 13 weeks and I have been moving toward that day ever since.  However, now that it’s May and that day is only 14 days away, I can’t help but have a secret countdown inside my head.

At one point during my pregnancy, I was convinced this little boy was coming early.  I was born a few days early and my husband comes from a family of early babies.  And now that I’m sporting a giant round belly, it seems like every where I go, people want to know when my due date is.  Co-workers pass me in the hall and comment on how “that baby must be coming soon!”  Strangers stop me on the street and ask when I’m due.  I always want to be vague and simply say something like “sometime in mid-May”, but now that I’m so close, it’s getting harder and harder not to bust out a gigantic smile, completely abandon my thoughts on a guess date and reveal that secret countdown.

I grow a little more anxious to meet our new baby every day.  Every time I feel him wiggle or feel a sudden surge of pressure I wonder, when will he be ready?  As easy as it might seem to focus on a due date, I’m just preparing myself that any time, any day, this baby might decide to join us in the world.  But I’m also happy if he wants to cook in there just a little longer, too.

How close was your baby born to your due date?

psst… Remember last week when I wrote about sunshine and maxi dresses?  Well, I opted to sport a maxi skirt this weekend instead!  And just as Michelle noted, it was super comfortable!