Trying to Conceive? Break Out the Dental Floss

Dental floss
Could this be the difference between infertility and getting pregnant?

Tried  everything to get pregnant and still no luck? It might be time to break out the dental floss.

Doctors now say for the first time that women who want the best chance of conceiving should floss their teeth regularly, as poor oral health can delay conception by about two months.

The underlying cause is believed to be inflammation, which, when unchecked, can lead to damage of the body’s normal workings.

In a study from Australia, those with gum disease had “raised blood level markers for inflammation.”

This is the first study of its kind that has identified a link between gum disease and conception, with the study’s lead researcher saying women should add a trip to the dentist on their check list along with stopping smoking and drinking and taking prenatal supplements when trying to get pregnant.

Type 2 diabetes, miscarriage, heart disease and poor sperm quality are also linked to periodontal disease.

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