TSA Takes a Pregnant Woman's Insulin Medication?

Apparently the TSA at Denver International Airport confiscated a pregnant woman’s insulin medication while she was flying to a baby shower out of state. She states that even though she declared the presence of the medication, and the vials were clearly labeled, the TSA worker didn’t let her keep them through the checkpoint.

She shared with ABC News that she’s flown many times with her medication and never had a problem – until now. What’s even worse is that she was pregnant AND carrying documentation by her physician to take the medication through.

Despite the fact that the TSA Website states insulin is allowed to be taken through security. In fact, the website specifically states,

Notify the Security Officer that you have diabetes and are carrying your supplies with you. The following diabetes-related supplies and equipment are allowed through the checkpoint once they have been screened:

  • Unlimited number of unused syringes when accompanied by insulin or other injectable medication;

The woman, who asked the news not to give her name publically for fear of retaliation (Not the first time TSA has taken retaliatory stances against innocent travelors) states that not only were all the medications clearly labeled. She also declared them to the security checkers at the line, and had a doctors note in writing – above and beyond what was is listed as required on the website.

Fortunately for this woman, the TSA’s brilliant survelliance system missed the opened bottle of insulin in the bottom of her lunchbox so she wasn’t completely without on her flight to Arizona. When I was a lifeguard we had a pool patron pass out and we were unable to revive him on the scene – because of lack of insulin. It is a very serious condition – especially with the life of an unborn child at risk.

The gross mishandling of this woman’s medical supplies is only exascerbated by the “Sorry she’s upset but we didn’t actually do anything wrong” statement released by the TSA. Rather than promising additional training, or reprimands for a job not done, the TSA is actually denying that this happened at all.

“We talked to all of our people and they didn’t touch her insulin,” said TSA spokeswoman Pat Ahlstrom (as reported here.)

I guess that woman threw her own medical supplies into the trash and put her life at risk to make a statement? (Without releasing her name? What a statement!) Or the insulin bottles just magically disappeared all on their own while going throught he Xray machines? Perhaps she and her husband hallucinated the entire thing. Seems to me TSA could just check the video of her going through the security point to validate their employee’s claim yet that video has not been released.

With TSA ever increasingly under fire, it’s no wonder that they want to avoid bad publicity; it’s all they are getting lately. But doing so by calling a pregnant woman a liar isn’t exactly what seems the best route to me.

Have you had trouble taking medical supplies through a TSA checkpoint? Have you had a negative TSA experience that was later denied by the TSA employees who were responsible?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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