Twitter Roundup: Moms Share Pregnancy Fears!

Moms tweet their pregnancy worries!

As due dates inch closer and closer, it’s easy for new moms to feel stressed and scared about all the unknowns that are to come.  Personally, I fluctuate between excitement and terror on a daily basis.

With so much to think about and prepare for, it’s easy to feel like you are alone in these thoughts.  I reached out to other pregnant ladies on Twitter this week, asking What are some of your biggest pregnancy fears?

I’m sharing the responses here – not to give you something else to worry about, but to make us all realize that was are absolutely not alone, and that being afraid is just part of being pregnant!

A few of my big (and small) fears are:  tearing during childbirth, not being able to successfully breastfeed, and that my baby will stop breathing in his crib.  Here’s what other moms had to share…

  • Money Matters 1 of 8
    Money Matters
    Babies ARE expensive, and I imagine this is something every expecting couple worries about. How can something so small need so much STUFF?
  • Breastfeeding Woes 2 of 8
    Breastfeeding Woes
    I mentioned this before, but this is also one of my big fears! For something that seems like it should be really natural and instinctual, every mom and parenting source seems to tell me it is anything but.
  • Body After Baby 3 of 8
    Body After Baby
    Ahhh yes, the post-partum body worries. I have those too. I don't know how much leaking and bleeding to expect, but I know that it is not going to be pleasant.
  • Weather Woes 4 of 8
    Weather Woes
    Wow - I hadn't thought of this one, but I'm sure it has happened before! Good thing it doesn't snow here in Seattle. Hopefully moms in snowy areas can plan to get to the hospital early just in case!
  • Naturally Nervous 5 of 8
    Naturally Nervous
    I'm worried about this too. I hope with all hopes that I can do this thing naturally, but I know that I shouldn't set too many expectations or make any promises. I keep reminding myself that the baby is in charge!
  • Tearing Terrors 6 of 8
    Tearing Terrors
    Yep, me too sister. Meeee too. I know it sounds like small potatoes compared to everything else, but something about the whole tearing concept really gets my skin crawling. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!
  • Baby Worries 7 of 8
    Baby Worries
    I imagine that deep down every mom worries about this at some point or another. I also think that no matter what happens, and no matter what you expected, the baby that comes out is the same one you've been sharing kicks, pokes, and all sorts of love with for nine long months. It may not be the baby you expected, but the love will be there either way.
  • Bathtime Blunders 8 of 8
    Bathtime Blunders
    Now that you mention it, I don't really know how to bathe a baby either... But I assume as long as I make sure he doesn't drown and I use water that's the right temperature, the rest is easy right? Good thing I have an adorable little whale bathtub to ease the process!

What are some of your fears?  It’s good to know we are not alone!

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