Two More Reasons I'm Happy Not to be a Famous Mom: Ivanka Trump and Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner
It's hard to feel bad for famous people, but when they have kids, sometimes I do anyway

Not long ago I wrote about how happy I was not to be famous. Even though I generally don’t feel sorry for famous people who have to endure things like paparazzi and a lack of anonymity (particularly because I think they not-so-secretly love the attention), I found myself having empathy for Tori Spelling.

She was driving her kids to school and a photographer anxious to snap a shot of her caused her to get in a car accident. No one was really hurt, but I felt her pain — she’s pregnant and was in the car with her two kids, which means it had to be scarier than if you’re alone and not knocked up. Fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m reminded of that this week upon reading about two more celebrity moms: Ivanka Trump and Jennifer Garner.

Ivanka Trump, who gave birth all of 10 days ago, apparently decided to spend a few hours in the office on Monday.

“Ventured into the office for a few hours today, but raced home to see Arabella this evening,” she Tweeted. “I’m already experiencing separation anxiety!”

There are so many reasons I’m glad I’m not famous, but Ivanka reminded me that one of them is because of people like her and her apparent need to maintain her status as a famous person (although I’m not exactly sure what she’s famous for other than being the daughter of a pompously rich man). If she didn’t feel the need to be noticed, would she really be so glib about leaving her 8-day-old daughter?

I’m not one to count other people’s money, but if she had stayed home at least another, say, 3 weeks, would her family have suffered financially because she wasn’t working? Like, would there be no dinner on the table or would the electric company have shut off their power?

She already said when she was pregnant that she had meetings on the book two weeks after her due date. Apparently her newborn daughter could wait but her business life couldn’t. I don’t doubt some women take short maternity leaves for various personal and professional reasons, but this is ridiculous, I think. Of course, if she weren’t famous, I wouldn’t know about it to write about it.

And I’m really glad I’m not Jennifer Garner. She might be married to another movie star and the seemingly normal mom of two sweet-looking little girls. And she might just have the greatest body ever. But even she can’t escape being analyzed to death if she’s had too many lemonades at lunch.

Earlier this week I was on a website that showed pictures of her along with captions that were analyzing whether she might be pregnant. I’d hate for someone to be taking pictures of me at every angle at any time of day while I’m simply walking with my kid and wondering if I’ve put on a few extra pounds or if I’m having another baby. Yuck, on so many levels.

Thanks goodness I’m nobody. Being somebody’s mom and Somebody simultaneously seems pretty awful to me.

Do you ever feel sorry for famous moms?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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