Uma Thurman Pregnant!

Uma Thurman is pregnant.

Forty one year-old Uma Thurman is pregnant. The father is her boyfriend, financier Arpad Busson. She as two older kids with Ethan Hawke: Maya (11) and Levon (10).

These days the pages of People are crammed with celebrity parents “wearing whatever,” gripping little hands and toting lunch boxes… but I feel like Uma and Ethan kind of ushered in that era. They were on the cutting edge of casual Boho celebrity parenting.  I can’t even imagine a picture of Ethan where he’s not like, crossing 6th Avenue with a kid on his shoulders. And Uma was always out there in her jeans with her kids in the Village through late 90s and aughts.

So congratulations earthy, glamorous Uma! Hope you’re feeling fine.

Photo: David Shankbone



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