Unique Baby Names - Cool Or Cruel?

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We decided on a name for our little man!

Picking out a name for our little man has been quite across the board, from exciting and fun to down right frustrating.  With our last name being Brown, we automatically knew there were certain things we could not call him: Charlie, James and Leroy were out from the beginning.  Plus we knew pretty much any really popular name was out due to the risk that he’d end up being one of three Mike Browns in his class.  We knew it needed to be a strong, unique name and we went with something no one would have suspected.

Ok, ok.  It’s not one of those “you must be joking” names like Soup. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say it’s about a 4 on the uniqueness scale and that’s only because it’s not really heard too often.  We’ve had this name picked out for our little man even before we knew we were having a boy.  My husband was the one that thought of it and I admit while I thought it was really cool and totally an “us” name, I wasn’t sold on it at first.  We thought we’d use it as his middle name and come up with something else for what he’d go by.  But pretty soon we began affectionately calling the bump by name and it just felt so right.  We have told our closest family members and some of our friends and the reactions are all across the board.  Some love it, some hate it, some think it’s adorable, some ask us if we’re being serious.

We love the name dearly and at first part of me worried because it IS such a unique, defining name, that what if he gets made fun of… or what if like people have said, it just doesn’t suit him.  I’m pretty sure I have a good idea about this little man growing inside me.  I know he’s been practicing yoga in the womb, stretching his little feet out into my sides and that he’s a night owl like his dad.  I know what songs to play that really make him move.  And I know he really likes to hear his dad’s voice.  I feel like the name we’ve picked totally suits him.  And it suits us, too.

We’re keeping his name under wraps for now.  I know, I know… cruel! Considering my due date is just a mere 11 days away, it’s just a matter of time before we reveal it.  But I’m not good at keeping secrets, so here’s a hint: his name starts with the letter W!

What do you think about unique names?  Fun and cool or are you setting your kid up to be teased?

{photo by me}

Baby Names Gone Wild: The line between creative and crackpot!

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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