Update on my Anemia Situation


So today’s post is just short, celebratory post. You may remember that because of severe anemia by homebirth was actually in jeopardy – meaning that I would be too high risk for a home birth and have to be transferred to care at a hospital facility.

Thankfully that won’t be the case. At least not for anemia!

My blood work came back and I’d raised my iron levels a full point with more than a month still to go. I’m over the limit and while I’ll continue to supplement as I was directed, it’s nice to know that I won’t lose my home birth over something seemingly simple like this.

As for how I’m feeling? WOW! What a difference! I had no idea how bad I was until I started feeling better. Now I’m realizing I’m not a hundred percent yet but at least now I am beginning to realize that. Just about a month left in this pregnancy and I’m relieved to be on my way towards a happy, healthy labor. At home.