Utah Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan To Resign: Bad Timing, Jerry!


Tomorrow is my last day of work here at FOX in Salt Lake City before I go on maternity leave.

I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions constantly, leaking pee every time I cough and am just plain miserable.  Kind of tough to focus on the day’s news with piss pants, you know?

I drove to work today exhausted, just praying for a slow news day, and what’dya know?  The longest tenured coach in American professional sports, Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, decides to resign.   Bad timing, Jerry!  Couldn’t you wait until I was safely on maternity leave? 

For most of you, Jerry Sloan’s resignation probably means nothing.  For me it means the longest news day of my life.  Breaking news press conferences, coordinating reporters, photographers and live shots, and pretty much the busiest day ever.  It is definitely one of the biggest stories in Utah this year.

How long did you work when you were pregnant?  Or how long do you plan to work?  Who are these women who work right up until their water breaks and how do they do it?  I’m hanging by a thread!

Here we go:

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