Valentine's Day 2011: A No-Fail, Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift For Your Pregnant Sweetheart


Guys, Valentine’s Day, 2011 is less than 24 hours away and you don’t want to be frantic at the drug store on the way home from work scouring the empty shelves for the last heart-shaped box of crappy chocolates.

I’ve come up with the perfect last minute gift idea for your pregnant lover.

It’s something you can buy now, and it doesn’t need to shipped or wrapped. It’s something she can use any time between now and the day she gives birth. It’s something that will make her feel good, which will make you feel good. It’s also good for the pregnancy. And good for the baby. So what am I talking about?

A prenatal massage.

Look online for prenatal massage therapists in your area and buy a gift certificate your partner can use any time. Some masseurs will come to your home with a special message bed for pregnant women.

Prenatal massage has so many benefits for mom: towards the very, very end of pregnancy, massages can help get the labor hormones going (massage helps release oxytocin– the labor & love hormone), a massage from a therapist who is also licensed in acupuncture and acupressure can even help induce labor in pregnancy after 40 weeks.

But any time during pregnancy a massage can be soothing to a woman who’s entire body has been rearranged. I only know one woman who actually hates massage and even she LOVED prenatal massage.

It’s a win win. And also, get her that box of chocolates, too. A big one. Chocolate is good in pregnancy– some studies show it reduces the chance of certain complications. So bring it on!

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