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15 Wacky Ways To Predict Your Baby's Gender

By dearcrissy |

During your first trimester, you may find yourself consumed with thoughts about your baby’s gender — I know I was!

Soon, your friends and family will start presenting you with some really bizarre old wives tales that are said to help predict the sex of your growing fetus.

Some of these tests are fun, and some — borderline crazy!

Click below to browse 15 wacky ways to predict your baby’s gender!

Embarrassingly, I tried more than one of these tests. Click through to find out which tests worked for me!

Tell me in the comments, which gender prediction tests worked or flopped for you?

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Wacky At-Home Gender Prediction Tests

The Cabbage Test

In this test, you boil red cabbage, save the water, and mix it with your urine. (Gross, I know.) If the water turns pink, you are having a girl. If the water is purple, it's a boy.

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80 thoughts on “15 Wacky Ways To Predict Your Baby's Gender

  1. Brenda Woodridge says:

    as far as the gender prediction test go, most of them were wrong for me. The chinese one was wrong for 2 and my age didn’t show for 1 of my pregnancies. The morning sickness lasting past first trimester was also wrong. Actually the only ones that worked for me were the ring test and the carrying high or low. I am usually able to predict the sex of a baby by looking at how a woman is carrying….have only been wrong with one prediction out of about 30 so that’s pretty good odds. Another one I’ve heard is the moon cycle…that one sex is more prominent than the other during each cycle…it seems to have been true for about 4 outta 5 pregnancies that I knew of.

  2. Courtnay says:

    well i dont believe in those gender prediction test cause its determined by genes and when you conceived in ovulation. but i will say that i just ran the numbers for the mayan one and it was accurate for all three of mine!

  3. Kelly says:

    The Chinese gender calendar was right for both of my pregnancies and the cabbage one I only did with my current pregnancy and it was right too. Intelligender was also wrong for me – women should stick to the cheap/free ways because it seems the accuracy is better with those.

  4. Tara says:

    The cravings test is all wrong! I craved sweet food and had a boy!

  5. Colleen says:

    the only “test” I ever did was the chinese gender chart which was right for both of my kids. I’m guessing its mostly just a fluke though ;)

  6. Angie Ramirez says:

    Wow… I didnt know some of these prediction tests! lol Maybe next time!

  7. michelle riebeek says:

    The Chinese calendar has worked for both my kids, my sisters and my moms! Crazy stuff out there I didn’t know about!

  8. Tracie Caldwell says:

    I know if I was pregnant I would be trying these!

  9. Cori Westphal says:

    I think these are hilarious! I never tried anything for my pregnancies…I just waited for the ultrasound! But if I knew about them back then, I might’ve tried! (in secret, of course! LOL)

  10. Katie Tullis says:

    I wish I would have tried ANY of these when I was pregnant! I could have killed two birds with 1 stone with some of these random things…cleaning with the left over baking soda or making cabbage stew. Eww…ok…that took it too far. :)

  11. Emily says:

    I have had to give up on trying to figure out what gender my baby will be. So far, it has been per-determined by family. On my husbands side, it has gone girl, boy, girl, boy, and has done that through cousins as well. I, so far, have had a girl first, and then a boy. I think my next will be a girl. I did have a friend try the intelligender though, and it predicted the wrong sex as well. I think I’ll just let the doctor tell me. =0)

  12. cassandra aubut says:

    I will admit that I did the cabbage test with my second! It was correct by the way! LOL!

  13. Debra Getsinger says:

    I don’t anything would have helped me. I still had 3 strikes and I was out.
    I had 3 boys and no girls. I just ate and ate all the time.

    Debra G.

  14. Jane says:

    Baking soda really is useful for everything! But I think the wackiest is the key test.

  15. Donna B. says:

    HA! I had never heard of any of these, not sure I would have tried them if I had – I was all for the surprise at the time of delivery :)

  16. Robin Murphy says:

    My kids all had heartrates over 140, although my boys did stay a little lower than my girls. I craved chocolate with all of mine (2 girls, 2 boys). I did have the worst acne of my life with my 2nd daughter though.

  17. gustosa giveaways says:

    I haven’t tried any of these when I was pregnant. But the hairline is not true because we are all girls in the family and the 2nd have a point but my 3rd sibling is girl.

  18. Karen Propes. says:

    I had everyone trying everything, butI didn’t want to know, some of those tests would prove correct as I did carry her high, and sweet cravings well yes who didn’t,
    I tried somethng similar to the ring but they used a pencil. Some of those tests seem pretty out there, You won’t catch me mixing my urine with anything. I was just happy the God gave us a beautiful little girl. We are so blessed. I wish I could have more but due to my medical condition I can’t, sometimes it really bothers me, but we have our friends kids to play with and I love babysitting.

  19. Amy Smith says:

    These are so funny. I had a sono at 11.5 weeks and they could already tell we were having a boy! I didn’t have to wait too long! Can’t imagine having to wait the full 20 weeks!

  20. Amanda Hunter says:

    Well, the Chinese gender was wrong for me, but the “acne test” was dead on!! I have a little girl and I had worse acne than I ever could have imagined… from, like, day 1 until she was about 6 months old!

  21. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    people can try to “predict” the sex of their baby but your really never going to know until they are born – sometimes the surprise can be good ;0)

  22. Sonya says:

    Tried the Chinese Gender Test and heart rate test, both were wrong!!

  23. Desiree says:

    I think most of these are silly. There is no way like you said that the Drano one is good for you. Some people never think about fumes and other things that can be harmful. I will be trying a couple of these I’m sure. The Chinese calendar has worked for almost everyone that I know.

  24. Stephanie Lord says:

    Entertaining? Certainly. Accurate? Probably not. But it’s nice to know that the desire to learn your baby’s gender has been around much longer than the ultrasound read. Curiosity about one of life’s great mysteries, I suppose.

  25. Jemmy says:

    Most of these really are wacky. The only ones I’ve heard of were the high/low carry (I thought that one was true believe it or not….) and the ring on a string.

  26. Kari Howell says:

    I didn’t know about these, but I used the Chinese calendar for both of my kids and it was right both times.

  27. Lantana H. says:

    The only one that was accurate for me was the Mayan prediction. I was 22 and I conceived in 2005 =9 which is odd. Some of these are just outrageous but it was interesting to read!

  28. Bree says:

    These are so wild! Some sound like they could actually work… but the key test. Now that just seems silly.

  29. Lauren Acosta says:

    I did several of these with my son that were not correct, I vomited the whole time and I craved sweets!! But I am curious to try the others!

  30. Shannon B says:

    These are fun! Can’t say for sure for myself but the Mayan number theory definitely worked for my sister (who just gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday)!

  31. Amiller says:

    Fun ways to pass the time, but by no means helpful tests, lol.

  32. Sheena Brown says:

    The Chinese chart was right with all three of my babies, but I can’t help but wonder what about when you are expecting twins (a boy and a girl)?

  33. Nancy Reid says:

    Really don’t be messing with Drano if you are pregnant or any other time.
    It is a dangerous chemical!

  34. Lee i. says:

    The Chinese gender test worked for me! And it was the only test I tried.

  35. Lee i. says:

    Amazing how these so-called gender tests stand the test of time and spread through different cultures. My grandparent was the one who told me about the belly test.

  36. Cheryl Verver says:

    I never tried any of these gender prediction test I wonder if any of the would have been right.

  37. Sarah Hammond says:

    The couple people I’ve known who have tried the intelligender test got wrong results too!

  38. Erica G says:

    I have never heard of most of these! I did try the ring thing, but it seemed like each time I tried it, the ring did something different. With my second the heartbeat rate was low and I ended up having a girl. The Chinese calendar was correct with my first, but not with my second. If we end up having a baby, these would be fun to try!

  39. Sarai says:

    The Chinese gender test was right for both of my children. The extreme morning sickness is definitely true for my little girl, too. I’m 22 weeks and still taking Zofran several times a week.

  40. Ana Vasilache says:

    there are only coincidences, in my opinion… a baby can be only a boy or a girl… not too many possibilities…

  41. Kasey Jenne says:

    I love the gender prediction tests! They aren’t always accurate, but they are still entertaining while you wait!

  42. Kristen says:

    I had never heard of most of these! I will so need to try this next time around since I have vowed I’m not finding out but this would be fun!

  43. Joanna says:

    This gender prediction is neat. I have never heard if it before. But will keep it in mind when I become pregnant again.

  44. Crystal Wonitoy says:

    The chinese gender test worked for both our girls, and I was sick as heck with both of them. I heard of a lot of the others, but I felt a little silly!

  45. kristin neagle says:

    I have not heard of most of these! I would actually crave both salty and sweet, usually together, haha. So I would crave pringles and oreos most days. I had two boys. I will have to remember them if I have another baby.

  46. Melissa H. says:

    A lot of these are interesting.. except the Draino test of course! It’ll be interesting to try out a few of these, just for fun!

  47. Andrea R says:

    These are hilarious! I’m with someone else, I crave both sweet and salty things Ohh, chocolate covered pretzels are sounding REALLY good right now. :) I’m checking the Chinese Gender chart now, but I won’t know if it’s correct until Thursday. I can’t wait to find out. When I carried my 2nd, EVERYONE who met me in elevators, stores, or in the street took one look at me and commented that I looked like I was carrying a boy. Nope. She is a beautiful girl. I asked my midwife about the heart rate one because I have a neighbor who swears by it. My midwife laughed and said it didn’t appear to be accurate.

  48. Keely Purvis says:

    Interesting! I haven’t heard of any of these! Some of them seem sort of silly and just for fun… but it would be interesting to try them out!

  49. Sarah says:

    Even the best most dependable ways aren’t, I got told at TWO different ultrasounds I was having a girl. Not so much.

  50. kim c says:

    I think it would been a lot of fun to try out some of these at my baby shower. Then wait & see what the results were & pay the winner.

  51. Beckie Sommerville says:

    I have always just known intuitively what each of my children were. If I had known about these fun tests I would have tried them to get confirmation on my felling even earlier.

  52. Kelsie Harris says:

    These are so funny. I had never heard of any of these before. I guess it couldn’t hurt to try it, but then I think it might make it even more exciting to find out the gender, especially if you receive mixed results trying more than one of these.

  53. Lenna says:

    I have heard about the baking soda test before, but I don´t think I would rely on that :)

  54. Mandy says:

    I’ve seen the ring test done without the ring… and with someone that wasn’t pregnant. Supposedly it just predicts the gender of your first baby whether or not you are pregnant at the time you do it. *shrugs*

  55. Heather Monk says:

    I think these are funny. It’ll be interesting to see which ones I try just for fun when I’m pregnant. ;)

  56. Heather says:

    I actually had ALOT of acne when I was pregnant with my baby girl :) just sayin!!

  57. Kelly Anspach says:

    I did not do any of the gender tests, but my family is Italian and swears that they can tell you what you are having by using a pencil, needle, and string and how it moves over your belly.

  58. Cheryl Mulder says:

    If I had known about this test 30 years ago it would have made a lot of money

  59. Gift Princess says:

    i would love to try some of them when I get pregnant! lol funny post!

  60. Trista says:

    hahah some are super funny!

  61. Melissa says:

    A version of the ring test worked for me! We tried it with a sewing needle on a string, a friend of mine was pregnant at the same time (she was expecting a boy, I was expecting a girl). Our husbands held the needles over our bellies, hers went around in a circle and mine went back and forth we didnt tell the guys what the outcome should be until we saw it with our own eyes first! I carried low, I only got sick twice through the whole pregnancy, I craved nothing but salad and fresh fruit EVERYDAY.

  62. jeannine m says:

    I didn’t take any. I never heard of the cabbage one, that seems kinda of gross with the urine

  63. souphead says:

    i’ve done the necklace trick for years (you can supposedly do it over your hand if you’re not prego to determine your future children) and it’s always said i would have 2 boys. i now have one baby girl and am VERY unsure about having another :)
    I also did the chinese predictor on a website and it was wrong so…

  64. Brooke says:

    I love the Chinese Chart – simple, but believable. I am not much for the pee tests … if there was something you could pee on to predict gender someone would have discovered that by now!

  65. Jenny says:

    These are super funny ways to predict ur baby gender, bu my honestly opinion is that it shouldn’t be matter what gender will baby be…it should matter only that baby is healthy and normal.. :)

  66. Jessica says:

    Those are some crazy tests! The Chinese Gender chart worked for two of my pregnancies but not the third. I’ve also heard that the way your child’s hair looks on the top of their head (something about the swirl) will predict the gender of the next sibling. This proved right for almost everyone I know! I’ll have to get the exact details from my hubby and post them later.

  67. Elizabeth Braun says:

    When I was pregnant the only one I did was the key test and it failed all three times. Just for fun I did the Even or Odd test and the Chinese Gender test today and they both came out correct

  68. Hollie says:

    The only one I have done is the ring test and it was right both times.

  69. I am intrigued by the Chinese gender chart! I did the “math” for my recently born niece and nephew, then my older nephews, then myself and siblings and I was surprised that it was correct for 11 out of 12

  70. Kimberly says:

    Interestingly, the Hairline Test worked with my kids!! Love these!

  71. May says:

    What we do to find out the gender of our baby.

  72. Roni says:

    So silly :) The thing about all of these there is a a 50/50 chance that it is correct, so it is true 50% of the time, no matter if it is an accurate determination you always have 50% of us that it works for, or not.

  73. EJ (from OH) says:

    Some of these are funny…have no interest in chemical experiments so I didn’t try to baking soda, Drano, cabbage urine tests.
    Don’t want to risk offending family, friends or co-workers so I didn’t try the garlic test either.
    For the key test, I would pick up the narrow end regardless of whether or not I was even pregnant so that isn’t accurate for me.
    We contemplated trying IntelliGender but never ended up doing so.
    I regularly have my sons’ hair trimmed so I have no idea whether or not it would come to a point naturally.
    The Mayan test is inaccurate.
    My sister-in-law “pendled” me, which is the same as the ring test and that was also incorrect.
    At 6 months, I wouldn’t say that I am carrying high OR low.
    I crave apples right now- I also craved apples with my previous pregnancy. This test isn’t helpful at all.
    All of my children’s heart rates have been above 140- first two were boys, this one is a girl.
    The tests or signs that have proven accurate for me: Chinese predictor, acne and morning sickness.
    I am still getting morning sickness, and my skin has NEVER been so bad in my life.

    I think these are all a crapshoot. Even an ultrasound isn’t 100% accurate.

  74. Lionspaw says:

    I did some of these for fun when I first found out I was pregnant…baking soda, ring, Chinese Gender Chart, the old wives tale quiz (which isn’t on here) the carrying high or low, carrying front or sides, cravings…. I’m hitting about half and half…which as several people have mentioned, is to be expected. I will say with my first, the Chinese Gender Chart was right, but the Mayan and the heart rate was wrong. As I said, I did them for fun and I haven’t/didn’t put much stock in them. The only thing I would put 100% stock in would be if I got another amnio. Then, yes…I would be confidant with the “prediction” (which at that point in time would NOT be a prediction…) Even ultrasounds have been wrong. As have “maternal instinct” guesses….*shrug* It is fun to do it and laugh at the results.

  75. Katie says:

    The Mayan and Chinese predictions turned out to be right for me, but acne, morning sickness and the heart rate were all wrong. My little guy’s heart has been between 150 and 160 since our first appointment and trust me, he is ALL gore.

  76. Deb Dorrington says:

    I did the ring on the thread and it was correct as was the extreme morning sickness..had a little girl. I carried low and had a baby maybe some are correct..never heard of the Drano and wouldn’t have tried it

  77. Perk11 says:

    Well whether these old wives tales work or not they will always be 50% correct right…lol The ring has been around for ever, my mother used it and it was wrong for her..hehehe.

  78. Michelle M. @womenwwin says:

    :) Some of these are nutty, but it’s agony waiting weeks to find out the gender! Some of us are very impatient!

  79. Harry says:

    In the 1970, Europe version, of Life, there was an article on how to predetermine the sex of your children. Of course you need to do the things prior to sex. You need to determine the time of ovulation, which then tells you what to do next. See if you can find the article. we saved it and the family members have used it at about a 80% success rate.

  80. amanda says:

    with all7 of my pregnancies my face didn’t break out it was girls the one time my face was horrible it was a boy

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