Want a Girl? Wait Until Tough Times, New Study Suggests

If you do a quick internet search you will find lots of tips and wives tales on how to conceive your preferred gender. If you want a boy, eat a diet rich in salt and drink lots of coffee, if you want a girl, eat foods high in acidity and don’t have an orgasm. According to a new study that was released, if you want a girl — conceive during tough times.

Dr. Shige Song, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Queens College of the City University of New York — analyzed the births of 310,101 Chinese woman collected by the government covering live births from 1929 to 1982 — collecting 830, 045 births.

Song charted the genders on a graph and the numbers showed a “deep V plunge” in male births between April of 1960 and October of 1963 — right around the time of the 1959-1961 Great Leap Forward famine where as many as 36 million people died of starvation. Previous studies done using data from other areas of famine have been inconclusive.

The theory by researchers is that parents are geared by evolution to produce more boys in good times and more girls in bad times.

Their theory says that healthy males can mate with multiple females and produce a lot of offspring; weak girls don’t have as limited a potential as weak boys.

That theory has been expanded by Canadian scientist Judith Myers to include the idea that mothers suffering from malnutrition are more likely to give birth to girls because they don’t cost as much to feed and thus have a better chance of survival during a famine.

:: What are your thoughts? Do you think it makes sense to be evolutionarly programmed to produce girls during hard times? ::

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Source: The Star
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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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