Was That a Flutter I Just Felt?


I went to my 18 week prenatal appointment yesterday,  and the only concern I raised to my doctor was that I just don’t feel this baby moving like I did with my previous three pregnancies.

I know, or at least think I know, that I’ve felt the baby move, but honestly I can’t be sure. My last three pregnancies, I’m positive I felt the baby around the 14 week mark.

The only reason I’m not worried is because, well, I heard the heartbeat at the appointment (157 bmp), so I know he or she is alive and kickin’ (although apparently not very hard). My doctor told me not too concerned about it, but we should  “keep an eye on the fetal movement”, for whatever that means.

I’ve done just a bit of online research, and Dr. Internet has told me I should be feeling the baby wiggle and jiggle right about now, at this stage in my pregnancy. On some of the message boards I’ve been on, women claim to have felt the baby move already at 11 weeks! Isn’t that super early to feel fetal movement?

So, I’m left to ponder, do I have a really relaxed and chilled out little baby growing inside me, or am I just out of tune with my body?

At what point did you start feeling your baby move?

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