We Finally Have a Nursery!

On Saturday, we finally finished our nursery. And since I’m writing this at 3am while timing contractions (that are currently about 7 minutes apart) it seems like it was probably none too soon. Although, if it were up to me, we’d probably still be working on it now, because procrastination is my favorite.

The room that our nursery now occupies was previously our office and until December had a futon on the entrance wall, a desk beneath the window, a bookcase on the left wall and Guns and Roses art, among other decorative pieces, throughout the room. Safe to say it was not fit for a baby in a lot of ways.

If it were up to my husband we would’ve been finished 4 months ago, but that’s just not my style. So we dragged our feet. We (read: I) didn’t even decide to paint until about 2 weeks ago, because obviously last minute major changes are a great idea when you’re working on a nursery while 8 months pregnant. And in the past 2 weeks my in-laws, my mom and my dad and step-mom have all contributed to the final project. I can honestly say that without them, I’m not sure we’d have gotten it finished.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a true before picture to show you the office because I just never had occasion to take one. But these will give you some idea of where things started and a better idea of where they finished. Without further ado, I present the journey of the nursery.

  • Before! 1 of 10
    We got the crib way back in December/January from my sister-in-law and it has basically been sitting against the wall as a baby collection device/cat nap local ever since. Just for some perspective, this picture was taken at the beginning of April. Nothing like a little procrastination to make things exciting.
  • Before! 2 of 10
    This is the futon that for a long time we though might be able to fit in the nursery (spoiler alert: it didn't). And also the mess of baby things that had no place because the room was a disaster.
  • Painting, Take 1! 3 of 10
    Painting, Take 1!
    This was day one of painting, also known as, wrong color painting adventure day. If you look at the color of the wall compared to the color of the bedskirt (in the crib) you can see that they are NOT in the same part of the color wheel. Thankfully, everyone else noticed it so I didn't have to speak up or freak out for long. A new paint color was acquired the next day.
  • Painting, Take 2! 4 of 10
    Painting, Take 2!
    This is the crib in it's 2nd location and the right blue hue on the walls. It's a little brighter than this picture conveys, but it's a nice light blue that compliments the bedding pretty well. At this point the crib and bookcase were the only items in the room, but hey, it was a start.
  • Painting Take 2 (take 2)! 5 of 10
    Painting Take 2 (take 2)!
    This is the opposite wall, where we were planning to put the dresser, if we ever found one we liked or got the one that matched our crib. Both of which were really big ifs for a very long time.
  • The Final Product! 6 of 10
    The Final Product!
    The crib got moved forward to make room for the hamper and to keep it out of the sunlight. And the mobile was finally constructed, despite all efforts by the cat to prevent that from occurring. Our bedding pattern is baby animals as pirates, just in case you couldn't tell. It kills me dead with cute.
  • The Final Product! 7 of 10
    The Final Product!
    A surprise new glider from my dad (after my great-grandma's rocker was non-salvageable), a valence, the bookcase and some pictures help to brighten the place up a bit, at least we think so. And the cat is always a good decoration.
  • The Final Product! 8 of 10
    The Final Product!
    The color is a little off in this picture, but this is the dresser/changing table and above it hangs his name. Which sorry, but we are not yet ready to share. You're going to have to wait for him to make his entrance before we'll share that little piece. If these contractions are any indication, it might not be that far from now.
  • The Final Product! 9 of 10
    The Final Product!
    This is one of my favorite little touches in the room. It hangs just above the closet and makes me smile whenever I see it.
  • The Final Product! 10 of 10
    The Final Product!
    Another view of the crib/glider and the window. And the cat. It only took us 4 months, but we finally have a nursery. And all we need now is a baby to put in it.

And now we wait patiently. Or as patiently as possible for the baby that goes with the room!


Article Posted 4 years Ago
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