Week 22: What I'm Craving

22 weeks!

Well it’s true what everyone told me.  Those first days and weeks of the 1st trimester that seemed to drag on for eternity are long gone, and now the time seems to be FLYING!  Every week I am somehow amazed that already another week has gone by.  So here I am, at week 22!

It’s funny how much my appetite has changed since the early days as well.  But from the very beginning there seems to be one thing that I just can’t get enough of…

Citrus!  What it is with this fruity, tangy, acidic taste that is so soothing and comforting to the pregnant palate?  I have heard from many other pregnant women who have experienced this same strong craving for citrus of many forms, so it must be fairly common.  One friend even told me that to calm her stomach she sucked on lemons in the first trimester!

My citrus cravings have taken on several different forms throughout the past 22 weeks – orange juice, lemonade, grapefruits, and most recently… popsicles!  These delicious frozen treats have become my new nightly treat, and I can’t seem to get enough.  My personal favorites are the variety with the big hunks of real frozen fruit inside – yum!

Besides popsicles, I am still soaking up all the delicious summer food that is finally available (watermelon!  corn on the cob!).  I have definitely decided that summer is the best time to be pregnant, because the delicious fruit and vegetable options that are in abundance far outweigh the summer heat.  Who knows what I will be craving by next week…

What are/were some of your most intense pregnancy cravings?