Week 24 - Dear Baby Growing In My Belly...


baby in my bellyDear Baby Growing in My Belly,

You have may just started as a sperm and an egg – some 24 weeks ago, but now you are a wee little baby. You are about 12 inches tall, and weigh in at about a pound.

The last 24 weeks have been a whirlwind, it’s all going by so quickly – but yet not fast enough. This weekend we started making preparations for your arrival by choosing a stroller for you and your brother to share. We also started the planning process for your nursery. Me and your daddy have talked names but still haven’t quite figured out what to call you yet.

Wow, you are a busy little baby. You love to kick and play anytime I am laying down. I spent the last week sick, and this reassured me that you were all good, even though Mommy was coughing her lungs out. Speaking of lungs, your lungs are getting some practice with your regular occurrence of hiccups.

While there is still much growing to do on your part, we will be preparing for your welcome to the world these next 16 weeks. We can only dream of what your sweet face will look like. I can’t wait to take a picture of those sweet baby toes and spend a life time being your mom.

Much Love,