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Week 5: First Prenatal Visit, Unhappy Patient, Maybe Twins and a Fill-In Sono Tech {grants me one anxious weekend!}

By Casi Densmore-Koon |

just what my gestational sac looks like plus one!

On Friday I headed off for my first prenatal visit, and needless to say, it was a bit early. (Note to self: Don’t get a sono before 6 weeks.) And it was on a Friday, which leaves you with a very anxious weekend. Oh, and don’t wear a dress to the OB. It just makes for awkward moments.

I was super-excited to talk to my doctor and get a plan ready to take me full-term. All 4 girls have come early – 39 weeks, 36 weeks, 35 weeks and the last was 34 weeks and spent 4 weeks in the NICU. I just can’t go early. I am determined to make 37 weeks even though I would love to make 40! I would even be fine with passing my due date. I know, who wants to be overdue? But after having a preemie, I would totally rather go later.

Anyway – back to my first visit. I have been with the same OBGYN practice for 9 years. I am basically a frequent flyer around the office to the point where the receiptionist even made a copy of my forever long baby name list. She is preggers too! I head to see the sono tech and immediately notice she is a fill-in. I was seriously disappointed to see the super-experienced tech was on vacay.

Right away, after asking me the first day of my last period, she goes on to say: “I am going to warn you. If you are only just 5 weeks along we may not see a yok or a fetal pole but try not to worry. You may just be really early.” Okay, no worries I thought to myself. I am sure something will pop up — even if it’s the tiniest of blobs.

similar to my sono…twins or a shadow? {image via}

So, here we go for the internal sonogram. Stirrups in place and all! Right on the big ole’ flat screen ahead I see my little sac. It takes about .2 seconds for me to notice that there is, in fact, no yoke–which meant no heartbeat or fetal pole. Immediate disappointment with a terrible feeling on the side. Yes, she warned me, but I was hoping there might be a little something she could measure. Nope, not a dot or a “don’t worry everything is fine” from the tech. She proceeds to take a tour around and notices another small circle which seems to be a very similar second sac. As soon I saw it I asked her, “Ummm..what is that? Another baby? A cyst?” It’s silent for a few seconds. A few very long silent seconds. “Well, Mrs. Koon, I am not really sure what that is.” Wait? Not sure? What do you mean? Right away I thought about how on Friday I jokingly wrote about having twin girls. Looks like someone may have jinxed themselves. She proceeded to say, “There seems like there is a lot going on in here with the pregnancy and all.” She gave me no answers. She said it’s clearly a pregnancy, but she can’t give me a due date based on measurements and can’t confirm if I am having twins. “Go ahead and sit in the waiting room, the doctor will be with you shortly.”

Shortly. Yeah, in doctor time maybe. 25 minutes later I finally get to see the doctor. He reassures me that I am just too early to tell, most likely 5 weeks if my dates are correct (which in fact, they very much are), and I’m due October 3oth. We go over the details of my high-risk pregnancy, seeing the high-risk doctor and getting steroid shots, but he still can’t tell me about the second sac we saw on the sono. However, he didn’t seem concerned which leads me to believe it isn’t a cyst. Not to mention no little baby blobs! He agreed with the not-so-experienced sono tech and said it was just too early to tell. However, he seemed frustrated with her and asked me to come back in a week when the regular tech was back in the office.

I wanted to immediately fast forward in that moment to 9 weeks. With all of my other pregnancies it’s been very simple. I go in, have the sono, see the blob in the sac and hear the heart beat, get the due date and I am on my way. This visit was anything but that, and I just felt so anxious. I have never had any miscarriages so I have been very blessed. However, there has just been this awful feeling since she couldn’t measure, and she didn’t even give me a sono picture just to have. I mean, the sac is still very visible. Also, I wanted to compare sonos when I came home to search “week five no yoke in sac” on Google. But, nope. I got nothing. No answers, no sono pic, and just lots of anxious feelings. Of course the pregnancy hormones don’t help, so the water works were pouring.

As I left the office, made my appointment for next Friday, got my prenatal vitamins — it all felt surreal. But not “real” enough. I wanted the picture, I wanted to see the little baby blob. I wanted it to be oh-so-real in that very moment. And then I remembered–this is why you shouldn’t get sonos early.

After talking to great friends and all of my cheerleaders as I call them, I felt reassured that I probably am in fact just so early and I should just not worry; everything will be alright. Sometimes this is a major fault of mine. I worry pretty much like it’s my job. Which is why I was anxious all weekend. So, today is the day of fate. I will patiently be waiting for my blood results all morning in hopes hCG levels are where they need to be and pray that this week flies by in anticipation for my Friday sono and visit. I know this wasn’t a planned little cupcake, but the devastation would definitely set in if I get bad news this week so I am trying to stay positive.

I am eager to read your comments so please, leave one!

Has this happened to you? Did you have a sono tech with no bed side manner?

Were you missing that baby blob just to find out everything was fine?

I’m dying to get feedback.

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13 thoughts on “Week 5: First Prenatal Visit, Unhappy Patient, Maybe Twins and a Fill-In Sono Tech {grants me one anxious weekend!}

  1. Jennifer says:

    I had Nothen at my 5 week ultra sound eather! Don’t worry! I went to my six week one and there was my baby! Good luck!

  2. Brooke says:

    I had mine very early and come to find out everything was fine the next visit! Now I am 17 weeks along and all is well with my little one. When I had my first ultrasound, I was so early that my walls were just thick. they couldnt see anything and thought it was a Tubal pregnancy. I was so nervous, But come to find out everything was fine. Its normal :)

  3. Kerry says:

    Just imagine how much worse you would feel, if you were having that 5 week , without any answers, after having a miscarriage the pregnancy before…

  4. sarah l says:

    Hi! I’ve a tally experienced both of those things. With both of my pregnancies, I saw the doc by 5 weeks for my first appt, and both times the sac was visible, but nothing inside to measure.. and both times I had to wait 2 weeks for another sono! On the bright side, I have two healthy boys now (17 months and 3 weeks)!

    As for bedside manner of the u/s tech – with my first pregnancy, I had GD, so I had an u/s every week from 28 weeks +. I had to go to a different office bc of my insurance.. most of the techs were great, but there were a couple lemons too. One of the lemons, I had the “pleasure” of seeing again during my 2nd pregnancy, and she complained the entire time that the baby was positioned in an unfavorable way, and she made it very known how annoyed she was that she couldn’t get the measurements she needed.

    We ended up having to go back 2 weeks later, and made a point to request “any tech that isn’t her” lol! Keep us posted!

  5. sarah l says:

    **totally, not ” a tally” lol!

  6. Shori White says:

    I had my first sonogram at 6 weeks. Heard heartbeat and ALL parts needed for succesful pregnancy was visible! I couldn’t imagine not having a heart beat. We tried for 7 1/2 years for our son. That would have WORRIED me sick. Good Luck and please let us know if it’s twins!

  7. Casi says:

    Hi Brooke — LOVE your name! It’s on my list :) Thank you so much for your encoraging words! My doctor just called and my HGC levels were 4626 which leaves me between 5-6 weeks – they were happy! Your comment helps put me at ease.

    Hi Kerry — Yes, that would be awful which is why I am trying to stay positieve. Thanks for making me feel better!

    Hi Sarah — Sorry you had to go through it but happy you can share the experience with me :) I love it when you say, “any tech that isn’t her” — I am so anxious for Friday and happy to hear you have 2 health boys!

    Hugs to you all for giving me some support!

  8. Crystal K says:

    I had my first US at 5 weeks and saw two empty save as well, but one had an odd shape so the tech wasn’t sure if it was twins or not and I got the feeling that if it were twins they didn’t think the oblong shaped one would make it. When my labs came back a few days later my hCG level was high and had more than doubled two days after that which is indicative of twins. A week later I had another US and saw two perfect heart beats :) :) Fast forward several months and I now have beautiful 3 month old boy/girl twins, Landon and Lilly! There delivered at 31 weeks via c-section

  9. Casi says:

    Shori – Thanks for your comment. Bless your heart! I can’t imagine going through that but yes, you can see what I have been anxious. I still will be until I can see everything. I am a control freak :) so, needless to say – this is killing me!

    Crystal — This is exactly what happened to me. Odd shape and kind of off to the side. She couldn’t confirm. Do you mind me asking what your hCG levels were? I am thrilled you had a great experience and I love the names! LOVE. Thank you so much your feedback!

  10. Maxie says:

    I had an early scan at 5 weeks and similar result (but only one sac!). I thought from my dates that I was much further along than that and had an anxious 3 weeks waiting for the next scan. Fast forward to now and I’m 22 weeks with healthy little baby measuring big for their age :) I really feel for you and hope the wait for your scan flies past and you can see that little heartbeat.

  11. Sarah Kline says:

    I did IVF and put in two eggs. I had my first ultrasound at exactly 5 weeks 3 days and saw the tiniest white speck you could every think of seeing in two sacs. Sacs that look a lot like yours, sacs that belonged to my 15 month old triplets. One sac was noticeable bigger than the other and they told me the small sac probably wouldn’t make it. Well it was smaller bc the larger sac had TWO babies in it. Email me if you want me to send you my ultrasound pics from then. I’d get my HCG levels checked 2 times 48 hours apart and see how much if it’s doubling. If it’s way more than doubling you’ll know for sure…. Although I was a freak of nature and never doubled even with the trips. Also, don’t freak out if you start spotting. Everyone usually spots with Mulitples… Lord knows I did.

  12. ERIKA says:

    I just a had a scan done today and it measured me at 5 weeks. The doctor told me it might be too early to see anything. But she wanted to make sure the sac was in my uterus and not a tubal. After seeing the sac was in fact in my uterus I was happy to know that. But not seeing anything sac worried me a little cause I had a miscarriage 4 years ago and nothing formed in the sacs. I have been having some cramping and it worries me that something may not be right. But after reading some what everyone has writtten makes me feel a little better.
    I pray that everything will turn out fine for all of us ladies!!

  13. maria says:

    I’m going throw the same thing but only 1 gestational sac and its quiet large I’m scard I might have a miscarriage! But positive about this pregnancy. How big is the gestational sac suppoes 2 be and I still can’t see my yolk sak because I’m still 2 early

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