Weekly Bump Progression: My Pregnancy Photos by Trimester

I started taking weekly pregnancy photos by trimester pretty early on this time;  around 7 weeks. Since I was only 7 months out from my last pregnancy, I didn’t have to wait long to show. Also I tend to get really round, really fast.

I love seeing the progression shots of others as they document their weekly milestones, so I’ve been (trying) to take one each week since then and I think I’ve only skipped two. Which seems to be pretty amazing considering I have the worst follow through on ideas in the history of womankind. Pregnancy has not made that any better.

I rounded up all my weeks; 7-27 so almost all of first and completely all of second trimester. What cracks me up is how big I thought I was and now realizing that was nothing. I’ve still got potentially 12 more weeks to go – belly shots may be of me lying in bed at some point unable to roll over. Seriously people. Wait till you see my 28 week roundup later on with a full body shot.


Here I am, some with Bella and some just alone as it’s a lot easier trying to get a clear shot without a wiggly preschooler.

  • Weekly Bump Progression: My Pregnancy Photos by Trimester 1 of 18

    Pregnancy Photos by Trimester - weekly pictures of one mom's journey through her pregnancy from 7-27 weeks and counting. 

  • 7 weeks 2 of 18

    Quite honestly, I was a bit nervous to start taking these again. It was hard to look at the ones from my last pregnancy that ended at 19 weeks. But now I'm so glad I did anyway. 

  • 9 weeks 3 of 18

    My husband had just left for military school 1,700 miles away for 2 months and I was already exhausted. 

  • 10 weeks 3 days 4 of 18

    I love this shirt and the tiny bump. 

  • 11 weeks 5 of 18

    Bella had just started to understand the baby was inside my tummy, one not two this time. 

  • 12 weeks 5 days 6 of 18

    What a cheesy grin. From both of us! I have to giggle at how I felt SO huge here. 

  • 13 weeks 4 days 7 of 18

    Here Bella ran through the house chasing our dog as I snapped a shot. We were on our way out. 

  • 15 weeks 4 days 8 of 18

    A blurry pic that reminded me to clean the mirror fairly soon. I was so sick in these weeks, and had just gotten the cerclage put in. 

  • 16 weeks 6 days 9 of 18

    Still no clean mirror. Still cheesy smiles. Sam was home from military school, things were moving along, I wasn't feeling any better but it wouldn't be long.

  • 17 weeks 4 days 10 of 18

    It looks like I'm out to kill someone here, but really I'm not. I was packing for Blissdom - hence the giant mess behind me. 

  • 19 weeks 5 days 11 of 18

    This week was huge for me - passing the date of the loss of my twins. I felt like I really started "showing" more here too. 

  • 20 weeks 5 days 12 of 18

    Halfway there! A huge weight of anxiety lifted off me this week, I'd made it just that much further. 

  • 21 weeks 13 of 18

    We took Bella to see a life sized Curious George this week, I was exactly 21 weeks. 

  • 22 weeks 3 days 14 of 18
    22 weeks-8

    New tops and new hair. After a day at the spa I felt like a million dollars. 

  • 23 weeks 15 of 18
    23 weeks-6

    I love this shot of us. She truly was this happy about the picture being taken and getting to feel the baby. 

  • 24 weeks 5 days 16 of 18
    24 weeks-19

    One of the last weeks I was able to squeeze myself into this shirt I love. We passed viability and walked in the March of Dimes that previous weekend.

  • 25 weeks 6 days 17 of 18

    By far the most comfortable shirt I own. It was a hand me down from a friend and I wish it wasn't so deathly hot here so that I could wear it a bit more. 

  • 26 weeks 6 days 18 of 18

    Made it! Second tri is over and onto third tri. Everything looks good, we know it's a boy, I'm hanging on - and it's so, so strange to have a normal pregnancy. Strange but incredibly wonderful. 

 Photo credit: my own

Diana blogs on raising a toddler daughter, the loss of her twin boys, and a baby boy on the way on the aptly named Hormonal ImbalancesSmaller glimpses into her day are on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.


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