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Weight Gain. It's a Good Thing.

By Diana Stone |

My weight is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. Not actual weight so much as the concept of it – the nagging feeling that I always needed to be thinner, smaller, more athletic. After my daughter was born I had a really hard time accepting my imperfect body was even more imperfect – regardless of the fact that I’d just carried a child in it.

This time around I wanted to focus more on being healthy and loving my body for what it was capable of doing than obsessing over a number on the scale. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I also was told ideally, my Dr. would like to see me put on around 50lbs.

And I died.

What I didn’t realize until later was that this weight has to do with the weight of my babies. All multiple moms (at least all I’ve known) have really focused on their weight gain and doing so with the right foods (protein and fat). This is because the outcome of our children, who tend to be born premature, depends on that.

Naturally gaining 500 pounds would be terrible, but a healthy, steady gain is the best thing you can do. And while many moms have healthy babies and are unable to put on a lot, it’s encouraged that we all try to keep on what we can.

The past 9 weeks I haven’t gained a pound. And as I crept further into second trimester with the scale not moving, I began to wonder for the first time in my life what I was doing wrong. Although having hyperemesis and severe food aversions made me unable to eat much the first 12 weeks, after that it was bearable.

Each and every time I stepped on that scale, I’d think, “Really?! Nothing at all? What about all those trips to Whataburger and Starbucks? Where is it all going?”

Indeed. Where was it all going?

So my last appointment at 18 weeks I got on the scale, crossed my fingers, and waited.

5lbs up in 4 weeks.

Ecstatic, I turned to my husband Sam. “I gained 5 pounds this month!” I announced proudly. “Isn’t that great?”

I saw him hesitate for a second. No reaction. I waited.

“Um.” He paused again.

“I feel like this is some sort of a trick question, so I’m going to ask you it back, wait to see what your reaction is, and then I’ll answer.”

Ah, men.

(He was excited.)


Diana blogs on more on raising a toddler daughter, a surprise twin pregnancy, being an Army wife, and her crazy life on the aptly named Hormonal Imbalances.

Smaller glimpses into her day are on Twitter as @lifeasaSAHM and Facebook.

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Diana Stone

Diana Stone blogs at Diana Wrote about her life with a daughter here and three sons in heaven, life as an army wife, and her faith. Smaller glimpses into her day are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Read bio and latest posts → Read Diana's latest posts →

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0 thoughts on “Weight Gain. It's a Good Thing.

  1. Teresa says:

    Ahahaha! I love it! My hubs would think I was being sarcastic too. He never knows how to approach me when I’m pregnant and super hormonal! Hooray for your five pounds!!

  2. Jackie says:

    Husband’s of wives with hyperemesis should learn that weight gain is always a good thing! I just recently finally gained 5 pounds and I am now 24 weeks and I was ecstatic. It’s funny how all the people I work with are on Weight Watchers looking to lose weight and for once in my life I’m excited to gain.

  3. bethanne says:

    SO FUNNY. Doug would have said the same thing.

  4. Nkem says:

    Lol! My husband goes into full panic mode as soon as my weight come up. H literally ducks and hides. But seriously the article is on point; 3 months ago I had a pre-term baby at 32 weeks and my weight had been on a downward slide since I got pregnant. As a result the babt was tiny but thankfully he’s doing great and now weighs over 12lbs!!! :-)

  5. Samantha says:

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant with boy girl twins an I have only gained 27 lbs. My doctor was concerned cause I gained 10 in 3 weeks but after that I started losing weight. Now I’m putting it back on like one lbs a week lol I only have 16 days till I meet them!!! With my first pregnancy I gained 60 lbs with one baby! Idk how I’m only gaining 27 ????

  6. Sarah says:

    I gained 55lbs with triplets and it was HARD! I love food… Like I’m a total foodie. But I hated food when I was pregnant. At first I was sick and it made me angry everytime I would throw up calories! My goal was 3,000 calories a day and it was awful. I only ate extremely healthy food the entire time I was pregnant except for desperate days when I’d throw up 2,000 calories and would opt for the 2200 calorie hardees burger to make up for it. In the end I went from 165 to 225. I really put most of the weight on around the 26-28 week mark. Probably 10lbs each of those weeks. It’s hard to gain weight with Fruits and veggies and I hated meat then! I just decided I was going to eat 3 snacks and 3 meals a day. Sometimes it would take me a hour to eat a meal, but you do what you have to do…the morning after my babies were born I started to eat my hospital breakfast and it was amazing when I realized I didn’t have to finish it! I offered my husband some and he immediately said no… I reminded him the babies were out and he could have some and he dove right into my muffin :)

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