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Welcome to the World, Little… Spartacus?! Unique Baby Name Trends for 2013

By Diana Stone |

Unique Baby Name Trends for 2013As Sam and I start to ponder names for this new little one, we also take a look at how we chose the names for our other 3. Bella was because I always loved the name growing up. Julian was Sam’s favorite boy name (also Star Trek, but I was told this after we had already agreed). Preston was a boy name we loved and it was next in line to use after our first choice.

We looked up their meanings, where they came from, and other ways to say it, or nicknames that went along.

But we didn’t get to these names easily. Like so many parents, we poured over baby books and family names looking for the perfect fit.

I really wanted unique baby names that were a bit different and not heard too often. But with Bella, that didn’t happen. Her name pops up everywhere.

This time around, I’d love something more unusual but that can still be pronounced and easily spelled. When Nameberry released their list of “new” names — names that are very rarely used but gaining popularity — I was curious to find out of any of them might work for us.

Some might. And some, well. Some just won’t. Ever.

Read on to find out the unique baby name trends for 2013:

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Unique Baby Names for 2013


Pronounced "air," the name Eyre gives all those Charlotte Brontë fans a fun way to immortalize her, or her famous book's heroine. I have to say, I love it.
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Click here to read the full list of names on

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to the World, Little… Spartacus?! Unique Baby Name Trends for 2013

  1. Stephanie says:

    We named our son Conan. My husband loves it. I’m still a little insecure about it. But still, it fits him. He looks like a “Conan” to me, now.

  2. Donna Mae Graham says:

    I don’t think anyone should ever say out load that a childs name is ugly or aweful. My granddaughter is Greenleigh Amelia Mae and it fits her wonderful. I have received a turned eye on it but just ignore those folks.

  3. Cindy says:

    We named our son Beaujack, Beau for short. It is different and I haven’t met any others. It was from a tv show from way back.

  4. Monica says:

    For those of you saying “you named your kid that? He will get bullied for sure!” You are ridiculous! That’s not how bullying works. Now a days there are more unique names out there And it’s cool to be different. Stop being so closed minded. I’ve taught in schools where there are kids named axel, Elvis, and cristobal, these kids had no problems making friends or being bullied.

  5. tara H says:

    my nephew is a gaige (a variance of gage) and he is only the 2nd gage i know. it’s a cute name. i named my kids common but not popular names and they aren’t made fun of or experience any problems with pronunciation. the only problem is that people think they are spelled differently from the standard spelling which they are not. these names are pretty terrible

  6. Sarah Allen says:

    My sister has a daughter name Peytan, a son named Breighson… she just gave birth to her 3rd child which is a boy and was gonna name him Peyson!!! i said that was awful..poor boy would get picked on…she went with Brennen.. my daughters name is Miranda Grace :) some of these names are just so awful!!

  7. Kansas555 says:

    My name is Kansas just like the state, my daughter’s name is Madilyn and my son is Francis. One of the new trends that I have noticed is that they are so many unique names the kids have given up picking on kids for names. Kind of a neat phenomena, I was tortured because of my name. But in just my daughters fourth grade class there is a Mercy, Keplar, Orionna, and Cinna. My son is 13 weeks and in his daycare there is a Ryker and Ezekiel.

  8. pb says:

    Never trust Nameberry when they are writing about popularity. They use statistics related to how many people are searching for a name, not how many people are actually using a name. Lots of names in this slideshow do not fit the description of “rare but gaining popularity.”

    Take, for example, Whimsy. The Social Security Administration reports all names that are used at least 5 times. In 2012, Whimsy does not appear on the list, meaning it was used fewer than 5 times. Therefore, it is rare, but it cannot possibly be gaining popularity. Or Jade — the #112 name for girls. There were over 2,700 girls named Jade born in 2012, meaning it is not rare at all. Or Dulce — this name is actually declining in popularity. In 2011, it was ranked #415, but in 2012 it was ranked #574.

    In short, don’t trust Nameberry’s trend pieces. They are not based on reality. If you are interested in name trends, check out the actual SSA data to see what people are really naming their babies.

  9. Maria says:

    I have a 28 y.o .daughter named Jade she gets lots of compliments on her beautiful name .when I named her we only knew one other child with that name.

  10. Janice says:

    I named my oldest Ross Edwin both of which are the middle names of his Great-Grandfathers and My Daughters name is Calista Marie she is named after a Great-Great Aunt and carries the same middle name as my Great-Grandmother and her Grandmother on her fathers side as well as mine. I am both proud of my children’s names and the origins they have been named after some very wonderful, and important people. Their names like my children are unique.

  11. Lmao says:

    I’m laughing at the blue turtle comment, I don’t feel so bad now with my daughter named River n my first grandson Phoenix :p

  12. joi says:

    Im just so tired of hearing names like jayden braylon Austin dustin daylon

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