What Are You Wearing: Oscars 2011 Time!


I don’t typically do awards shows, but because I really wanted to see the kids from PS 22 perform, I turned it on. I have a feeling that the kids will overtake me within the hour though.

But I am noticing a pattern… the same question over and over… What are you wearing?

Which cracked me up because watching, and being pregnant, at home, on a Sunday night… I would love for someone to ask me the question of the hour… I am sure the red carpet would frown upon my design choice.

Tonight for the most famous red carpet in the world, I am wearing a huge pair of sweat pants which are probably the only thing I can comfortably fit in when lounging around the house these days.

Accompanying these gorgeous black sweats, just happens to be my husband’s XL Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox t-shirt… and my hair… straight out of a high class magazine, the best messy bun they would ever see!

Glam?  Not really, but it is a typical lazy Sunday in the Elwood house!

Enjoy the Oscars tonight!