What Couldn't You Wait To Do After Pregnancy? Twitter Roundup


Awhile ago I was talking about the things I couldn’t wait to do once this pregnancy was over.

Now that I’m just 6 days away from having my baby those things are back on my mind.

While there is a good chance that other mothers felt the same way about at least one of the things on my list, what better way to find out except to go right to the source?

For this week’s Twitter Roundup I asked moms to “tell me what you couldn’t wait to do after your pregnancy was OVER”.

See what made the list after the jump.

  • Sex & Sammies 1 of 10
    Sex & Sammies
  • Cocktails 2 of 10
  • This, That, and the Other Thing 3 of 10
    This, That, and the Other Thing
  • New Ink 4 of 10
    New Ink
  • Cleanliness Confidence 5 of 10
    Cleanliness Confidence
  • Sushi Showdown 6 of 10
    Sushi Showdown
  • Touch My Toes 7 of 10
    Touch My Toes
  • Stomach Bliss 8 of 10
    Stomach Bliss
  • Cheese 9 of 10
  • Mmm…margies 10 of 10

How about you? What couldn’t (or can’t) YOU wait to do?

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