What Did You Call Your Baby Bump?

A photo of me over 3 years ago {29 weeks}

I have been doing a lot of reminiscing about pregnancy over the past few weeks and it has been fun to go back and look at old ultrasound pictures, baby photos and looking through the pregnancy scrapbooks I have for each of the kids.

One of the questions we often hear when we are expecting is if we are going to find out the gender of our baby {kinda silly if you think about it because we will know eventually 😉 } and with our last pregnancy my husband and I decided not to find out early. We found out the genders before birth with our older two children and having a boy and girl at home already I didn’t feel that strong need to find out before hand & we wanted to experience the surprise of revealing the gender at birth at least once.

We had our first ultrasound at 7 weeks and looking at the tiny growing baby on the screen I instantly bonded. My husband and I stared at the photo as we left the ultrasound appointment and knowing we were not going to give this baby a name early we had to come up with a way of talking about the baby to the older kids — without calling it ‘ the baby‘.

Read to find out what we ended up calling our baby bump.

I would love to know – what did you call your baby bump?