What Does Charlie Sheen Have To Do With Childbirth?

Is Charlie Sheen a symbol of misplaced American priorities?

No, Charlie Sheen is not pregnant, nor expecting any children with his on-again-off-again Goddess’s. But in the past few days, he has become a new symbol of the priorities of Americans.

This week, Karen Brody, the founder of BOLD wrote a great piece for The Huffington Post about maternal mortality in the United States after attending the Safe Motherhood Rally in Washington D.C.

Her article, titled Why Do More People Care About Charlie Sheen Than Safe Childbirth?  When I read it, my first initial reaction was… because people already think childbirth is safe in the United States. Of course that is what most American’s think, but if they actually took the time to look at the statistics and everything that has come out in the past two years regarding safety and childbirth, their heads would spin!

Most average Americans do not know the amount of women dying from or around the time of childbirth, or the maternal mortality rates as compared to other places in the world.  I think it is part of American arrogance. We always automatically assume that because we are American we have the best of everything including maternity care. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case. In fact 1 out of every 5 women in America do not have access to proper prenatal care during pregnancy, whether if it is from poverty, or lack of health care coverage.   America can do better.

Brody says:

Ultimately, childbirth is not going to change until this mentality changes. Our culture, and especially pregnant mothers, needs to stop buying tickets that promote fear. Woman’s bodies are better than that.

Which I completely agree with. Heck, just giving birth this past week, I know how scary the system can truly be, even for those who like myself, need medical intervention in order to have a safe and healthy birth.

Unlike winning Charlie Sheen, American mothers are losing big time. Why?

  • The C-section rate in our country is 15-20% higher than the World Health Organization recommends as safe
  • The lack of access to prenatal care is very dangerous for our mothers, especially when it comes to preventing serious complications.
  • American mothers are seeing more pregnancy-related complications because of the obesity rates.

Last year Amnesty International took aim at the United States and challenged us to lower our maternal mortality rates, and help birth to become healthy again in our country.

If people can pay $124.25 to see train wreck Charlie Sheen rant about his ex wife and drug addiction problem, you would think we can get these same people to take an hour out of their day to read about dying mothers and help to make a change for their own future.

photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hospital births are the safest… and other pregnancy myths

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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