What I Wore (37 Week Style)


Reaching 37 weeks, and being “full term” is such an incredible milestone isn’t it? Not only are you now officially “giving birth any day”, but you also have entered the “it’s nearly impossible to move” stage.

You are most likely fully prepared for birth, unless of course you count all those “nesting chores” that are not even CLOSE to being done (am I right??).

In my case, the baby has dropped, I live in the South, and the combo of low-ness of the belly and the wet heat beating at my window is an epic one.  I’m not really, um, agile enough to get much done around the house anymore. I’m also trying to (literally) lay low so I don’t go into labor early. It’s an adventure.

Today I’m sharing my belly pics again, along with What I Wore – because cataloging this time is SO meaningful to me, and I hope it inspires you to do the same!

{Click through to see the rest of the pictures and where I found my outfit and accessories…}