What I Wore – 39 Week Style


Last week seemed like such a hard milestone to reach. Mentally, that is.

My body started giving labor signs early this time, so not only has it messed with my birth window (i.e. the time frame in which I may or may not have this wee one!) it’s also really messed with my head.

I passed 39 weeks, I passed the weekend of what amounts to a really big fake out by my body on Saturday night, I passed the subsequent breakdown yesterday of I AM SO DONE. NO REALLY, I’M REALLY DONE. And I now site here peacefully feeling like baby will be born in October. Ha!

I wanted to share my What I Wore pictures with you – the 39 week version. If you compare belly shots the last few weeks you’ll notice it seems almost like my belly is disappearing. Why is this? Because the baby is SO LOW my belly is low and it’s all sortof “down there” now. This makes for really interesting walks and comical sleeping at night.

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