What is the Perfect Age Difference? Are We Missing Our Window?


This was my sweet Matthew on the day he was born.

He entered this world nearly twenty-one months ago, with a sparkle in his eye, a gummy grin, and an intense need to snuggle.

I’m not sure where the months have gone, but when I look at him now, he’s part baby, but part big boy.

He’s part squishy baby, part rough and tumble toddler.

Such a big boy…


Katie was Matthew’s age when Craig and I got pregnant with him.

And the age difference between them has been perfect.

But now, we’re heading into unfamiliar waters.

I’m hoping that the months don’t continue to slip through our fingers until we reach a point where we can’t help but wonder if too much time has passed.

What’s the perfect age difference between children?

Can you share any insight with me?

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