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12 {RUDE!} Things I've Heard Lately About Having 5 Kids

By Casi Densmore-Koon |

Strangers. Gotta love them! Especially when they see you, your husband and 4 littles tag along with one on the way. Well, sometimes I wonder what happened to peoples manners. Lately, I’ve been getting tons of just plain rude comments from complete strangers. A few from friends to but, I am going to let them slide. However, the strangers saying things like, “Oh, you are having a boy after 4 girls? It would be nice to have 5 girls” or telling me to get my tubes tied. It’s just inappropriate and rude. Especially to a pregnant lady with raging hormones. Sometimes I want to look at them and say, really?

After the jump, read the 12 pretty rude things I’ve heard lately about having a big family.

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Oh, The Things Strangers Say: 12 Rude Comments I've Heard Lately

It's a good thing you lost that twin.

Oh, because that wasn't inappropriate.
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Pregnant? What rude questions have you gotten?

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12 thoughts on “12 {RUDE!} Things I've Heard Lately About Having 5 Kids

  1. Kate says:

    It reminds me of the first time a stranger tried to touch my baby bump. I was in shock and slapped the person’s hand away. I then asked if I knew them and when they said no, I informed them that touching strangers was a form of harassment. I also said they should avoid that behavior in the future.
    Harsh? Yes.
    Truthful? Yes.
    And maybe I stopped the harassment for one future pregnant lady when they run across that person

  2. Brandi says:

    I think it was Bill Cosby who said “we have 5 kids because we didn’t want 6!”

  3. Robin says:

    I grew up as one of five kids. We were born very close together to our parents who wanted us and even planned each and every one of us that way!

    People would ask my mom these kinds of questions all. The. Time. I remember hearing, “HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF BIRTH CONTROL!?” We were old enough to understand these unbelievably rude questions, which sometimes came from our own family, and on top of that, we were somehow always within earshot. So very inconsiderate! :C

    The only “nice” thing I remember was when someone remarked on our little ragtag group, “Oh what daycare is this? These children are soooo well-behaved!” That was sort of a compliment, anyway…And my Mom had to say, “This isn’t a daycare; these are my kids!”

  4. KSK says:

    I’m not trying to be rude, but “because I can” seems like a strange reason for having a child and probably not a productive response for the stupid person asking that.

  5. Kim says:

    Why are people just so obnoxious..rude and ignorant! And why do people feel this insane need to comment when it comes to being pregnant or already having a baby/child?! Ugh!

  6. D. M-A says:

    I don’t think some of these – Why do you want X number? and their ilk – are necessarily rude. They may not be phrased the best, but given the way popular culture (at least what I see of Western culture out where I am in the boondocks of a developing country) is promoting 1 or 2 kids — or the Quiverfull movement of “as many as my womb will let me have” — some people do get genuinely curious. I know people who are interrogated about ONLY having one child by people who think they should have many more.

    I think a much better answer rather than the “Because I can” would be “I have always wanted a (large/small) family” – responding in a rude way to a question you perceive as rude puts you no better than the person who asked it. Come out ahead — be polite even to the people you want to throttle.

  7. neal says:

    I have a high-school friend who recently posted on her facebook page about a mother with a couple kids (one in diapers) who made her life a “living hell” at a car shop while waiting for an oil change.

    My friend explained that the mother effing (I’m cleaning it up a little) put her baby ON THE FLOOR, and proceeded to CHANGE THE EFFING BABY’s EFFING REEKING DIAPER right in front of her and the other patrons, making the whole oil change experience about the worst moment of her life.

    She could not believe that the mother would put other people through that kind of ABSOLUTE HELL, instead of EFFING getting her a** out of her seat and trouping with all her stinky kids into the bathroom where they could at least have a barrier.

    My friend is gay, and while I’m making no general statement about anybody who is gay (my sister is gay, and she’s a wonderful person and she would never say something, or think something, like this) I know this friend relishes the fact that she’s never going to accidentally get knocked up and up in such a terrible situation.

    It blows my mind that people without kids aren’t able to find compassion for mothers or parents who are doing their best to raise the next generation, who feel like kids are gross and not fit to be let out in public, and god forbid a responsible mother keeps all of her kids close by her as she quickly changes her baby’s diaper so that the innocent creature is not left to suffer in her own filth. In the same situation, I would have given the mother a medal, and perhaps pulled the wipes out to hand to her (those can be ridiculously hard to peel out with one hand).

    Anyway. Just sayin’.

  8. Tameka says:

    Everything isn’t for everybody. I am not sure why a stranger would feel it is their business to ask me about how big (or small) I want my family to be. My choice is just that. My choice.

  9. Emily says:

    We started receiving criticisms about our child-bearing choices well before we even had children. Our church required that we see a certified marriage counselor before getting married. We took basically a glorified compatibility test, and one of the questions was how many children we’d like to have. I said 3, and my husband said 4. The counselor lectured us on how our children would be a burden to the earth and that we should consider having only 1 child.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I do understand “Why do you have X number of kids?” I think that’s genuine curiosity, even if not asked very well. Honestly most of these questions are probably genuine curiosity even if some are REALLY stupid or offensive….

    But yeah…why is it anyone’s business how many kids you do (don’t) have or want? Really? My SIL doesn’t have any and for all we know, won’t have any. Who cares. We have three and want more…a lot more. Who cares (other than us). How many kids you have is your own family’s business, no one else’s.

  11. cg says:

    I would give anything to be able to get that sort of comments for having a lot of kids. People don’t truly realize how much you can want children in your life, until you feel the pain of not being able to have any or as many as you would like… Let it go, and enjoy that you were able to create a big family.

  12. Kimbra says:

    It amazes me how rude some people are. I had one woman that I went to church with continuously tell me I just looked fat. The worst thing was I was at dollar tree and a girl I went to high school with, I never even spoke to the girl, asked me if I was still with the father. Though I am still with the father, I was absolutely offended. How rude is it for someone to ask such a question.

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