What Not to Name Your Baby: "Jihad" and Other Ridiculous Baby Names


Life is going to be a "struggle" with the name Jihad.

Bizarre baby names has kind of turned into my beat over here on Being Pregnant.

I mean, you’ve got your crazy celebrity baby names.

You’ve got names that are so bad (4Real, Metallica, Number 16 Bus Shelter (no kidding!) they’re actually illegal.

Then there are the parents who named their baby “Like” after the Facebook function.

Don’t forget the couple who named their baby Dovahkiin to win free video games for life!

Now you have the mom who named her baby a name that should probably be illegal.

As Danielle Sullivan reports over on Strollerderby, a German woman gave birth to the country’s largest baby and decided to call him Jihad.

Jihad is the 14th child of 40-year-old mom Elfi Yaghi. Yaghi weighs in at a 528 pounds and gave birth to the boy vaginally, inspite of doctors warning her that a c-section would be best for any baby weighin over ten pounds. Which, I seriously can’t believe that Woman Gives Vaginal Birth To 13 Pound Baby isn’t the headline here, but alas, it is not.

Jihad is the Islamic term for a holy war and often conjures negative emotions for many people. Although the Arabic word, as a noun, simply means struggle, which as the Huffington Post notes, is probably an apt description for someone growing up with the name Jihad.