What Surprised You Most About Labor and Delivery? Twitter Round-up


What do you mean I have just four weeks to go? Didn’t I just pee on a stick—or two—and see that double pink line? Now I have to think about actually delivering this baby?

I cannot believe just how close we are getting to the day I head to the hospital to give birth for the second time. It has me thinking about that whole process of labor and delivery. Of course, the only thing I can really base that experience on is the one I went through with my first son over four years ago. I had my birth plan in hand went we went to the hospital that Friday afternoon in March of 2007, but of course things didn’t turn out at all like I had expected.

My no-epidural-natural-childbirth plan turned into a your-water-has-been-broken-too-long-emergency-cesarean-section. Pretty much the total opposite of what I had my mind set on my labor and delivery experience turning out like.

I’m not even sure what to expect this time around.

If I was a betting gal, I would put money on the labor and delivery experience being full of surprises for everybody who goes through it.

Instead I asked my Twitter buddies about their experiences.

This is what they said was the one thing that surprised them most about labor and delivery.

  • Eggs Over Easy? 1 of 15
    Eggs Over Easy?
  • Push It 2 of 15
    Push It
  • It Really Does Hurt 3 of 15
    It Really Does Hurt
  • Placenta Pain 4 of 15
    Placenta Pain
  • Showing The World 5 of 15
    Showing The World
    She followed up to say "by that i mean in terms of my anatomy" in case there was any doubt.
  • We Will Figure It Out 6 of 15
    We Will Figure It Out
  • Sleep Walker 7 of 15
    Sleep Walker
  • No Two Are Alike 8 of 15
    No Two Are Alike
  • Pure Joy 9 of 15
    Pure Joy
  • Conflicting Stories 10 of 15
    Conflicting Stories
  • Race To The Finish 11 of 15
    Race To The Finish
  • Let’s Eat 12 of 15
    Let's Eat
  • The Back Of The Book 13 of 15
    The Back Of The Book
  • Keep Out 14 of 15
    Keep Out
  • A Little Bit Angry 15 of 15
    A Little Bit Angry
    I love that she says, "Feel free to quote me."