What Will Your Baby Call Your Parents?


We already have the task of finding baby a name – whether it be by looking for unique baby names or the most popular baby names, it’s a huge important part of being pregnant.

But what about grandma and grandpa? What will your little one call them? 

Being the oldest of four, and the first to have children, my kids would likely set the standard for all the grandkids after them. My parents seemed way too young (at just 51) to be called “grandma” and “grandpa” so we went a little different. My kids call my mom “Mutti” (a German form of mommy) and my dad is called Papa. What did you (or your kids) choose?

Or maybe, you have the situation that I had on the other side of the family. My mother-in-law decided she wanted to pick what she would be called. Nani (pronounced “nanny”) and my father-in-law is “Papa Ray” since we already have the other Papa.

I’ve heard everything from Abuela to Oma to Yaya to completely made up names. Living in the South I hear a lot of Mawmaw and Pawpaw.

I’d love to hear what your families came up with!