What Would You Give Up To Breastfeed? [Video]


After the lashing I got on my last post on breastfeeding, I was hesitant to revisit the topic, but this piece is truly important to me, so here goes…

Breastfeeding can be tough.

We know that.

We know that there can be so many bumps in the road.

Breastfeeding presented several challenges for me.

I’ve had mastitis twice and I had to give up dairy, nuts, shellfish, and caffeine for 8 months because my milk was bothering my son’s digestive tract.

I would have given up anything my doctor advised me to if it meant that I could continue to breastfeed my baby boy.

Because nursing my children was that important to me.

It was also incredibly important to Cheryl, from Mommy Pants, who wrote a piece about the sacrifices she made so that she could nurse her youngest son. She was selected to read her amazing words at the recent Los Angeles production of the Listen To Your Mother Show.

Her powerful words simply ooze of love for her sweet boy and of her fierce determination to breastfeed him.

There’s little that’s more beautiful than the love we have for our children and the sacrifices that we will make for them.

This lovely piece will stick with me for always…