What Your OB is REALLY Thinking [Video]


I have had three full term births and all my pregnancies were under the care of an obstetrician. I had two that I would see – one early on and then would switch to another one in a different city in the third trimester. I loved both of them and feel very confident that I got the best care.

I do know, however, that this is not always the case for women under the care of an OB for their birth. I don’t know if I didn’t experience the negative because I am in Canada or if the idea of what the OB wants is just a widespread misunderstanding. I do know that in the US there has been a lot of stories of OB’s scheduling inductions/c-sections and interventions to fit their schedule — not the unknown birth schedule.

Ebaum’s World created a video a few weeks ago that parodies the ‘stereotypical’ obstetrician talking to expecting parents who wish to have a ‘natural birth’.

Click through to watch the clip [warning: strong language is used]:

:: Did you/will you have an OB at your birth? What is your experience? ::

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