What's Happening Inside Your Uterus: The Dance Remix


If you like all that sperm-meets-egg-blastocyst-forms stuff, which I definitely did when I was pregnant, this video is going to blow you away. It’s basically sex ed meets Avatar. From what I can tell, some rocker French animator made it when his wife was pregnant.

It starts with the sperm racing along, flying over what look like flowing, waving, pink seaweed to get to that big old egg. Then there’s the penetration, and the music really kicks in. The whole thing — with the pounding beat and aggressive pursuit of connection — makes you realize that what happens in a nightclub is not all that different from what happens in a woman’s fallopian tubes.

Soon, chromosomes are paired up. A blastocyst forms and tumbles like a big snow ball towards the womb where it digs into the flesh. Before you know it, there’s a creature growing with great bulbous eyes. The growing baby stuff is a little crazy — at certain moments the fetus looks like a full-grown kid — or at least its face looks more mature. Or maybe just more plastic. But whatever. It’s rad. And it’s happening inside of you right now!

Thanks to birth without fear for tipping me off to this crazy video.