When Did You Pop?


POP!  Goes the pregnant woman.

Last night, we were watching TV from our comfy couch, and I kept moving from side-to-side. Groaning, I said, “I am so uncomfortable.” I reached down and realized that my pre-maternity yoga pants seemed impossibly tight, like they were squeezing the little bump in a yogi choke-hold. “My pants are too tight!” I continued. 

My husband offered to let me wear his pajamas (which made me laugh because did that mean he was going to put on my yoga pants?!), but I got up, headed to the bedroom, and pulled out a pair of maternity sweatpants that my mother gave me for Christmas.  Two weeks ago, they were far too big for me, literally falling off my hips.  I pulled them on… and they fit.  Perfectly.

At 17 weeks and 5 days, I popped.

When did your bump go pop?

Image Source: Target Liz Lange Maternity Lounge Pants

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