When It All Becomes Worth It


Okay, okay.  So I may have been a little harsh in that last post.  But I’m not here to guild the lily.  Lily.  Hmmm.   Such a lovely name for a girl considering I already have a Violet.  Alas, I don’t mean to alarm you but it turns out THERE IS A PENIS IN MY BODY RIGHT NOW!

Yes, it’s a boy.  We found out last week.  More on that and baby names in a bit.  Be patient, you!

More important things are at hand.  To establish my credibility as a bona fide pregnant woman with whom you can confide your deepest, darkest pregnancy secrets and fears, a pregnant woman who also already has a toddler and can thereby assure you that, yes, all of the puking, thighs rubbing together, peeing while sneezing and sore hips will all be worth it in the end I present to you EXHIBIT A.

Also known as KID A: