Hitting 41 Weeks - What Should I Do To Get Things Going?


It’s been part comedy, part frustration, part wonderful, hitting 41 weeks with this very comfy baby in my belly. I’m simultaneously a million emotions, but I’d have to say the strongest one is that I just want to MEET this little person so badly! The aches and pains are going to be gone soon, the waiting will be over, the limbo-land we’re living in finally behind us. I am happy to let baby simmer as long as he/she needs to. I really am.

But right now? Just can’t stop thinking about a new life in our family!

So peeps, tell me. I want to hear your stories.

When did you start trying to get things moving along in the labor department?

And what, pray tell, worked?

I’ve been doing little things here and there like homeopathic remedies and pumping a couple nights and all the other obvious things like walking, bedroom fun (which is a horse and pony show at this point, let’s face it) and all the rest.

I’d love to hear if you have any unique suggestions — YES I do know that baby will come when ready! I really, really know.

That said, please tell me what worked for you or someone you know when labor was imminent! When would you try it and what would you try?

Just for fun, would love to hear your stories!