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Hitting 41 Weeks – What Should I Do To Get Things Going?

By arianne |

It’s been part comedy, part frustration, part wonderful, hitting 41 weeks with this very comfy baby in my belly. I’m simultaneously a million emotions, but I’d have to say the strongest one is that I just want to MEET this little person so badly! The aches and pains are going to be gone soon, the waiting will be over, the limbo-land we’re living in finally behind us. I am happy to let baby simmer as long as he/she needs to. I really am.

But right now? Just can’t stop thinking about a new life in our family!

So peeps, tell me. I want to hear your stories.

When did you start trying to get things moving along in the labor department?

And what, pray tell, worked?

I’ve been doing little things here and there like homeopathic remedies and pumping a couple nights and all the other obvious things like walking, bedroom fun (which is a horse and pony show at this point, let’s face it) and all the rest.

I’d love to hear if you have any unique suggestions — YES I do know that baby will come when ready! I really, really know.

That said, please tell me what worked for you or someone you know when labor was imminent! When would you try it and what would you try?

Just for fun, would love to hear your stories!

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Arianne Segerman writes about homeschooling, autism and walking through grief after losing her daughter Mabel in 2010 on her blog Mabel and Riv. She blogged for the Parenting channels at Babble about pregnancy, motherhood and all things family.

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0 thoughts on “Hitting 41 Weeks – What Should I Do To Get Things Going?

  1. Nicole says:

    I tried them all. ALL. Castor oil included. SEX included. Random oils in the shower. Drops under my tongue. Walking constantly. Skipping. This was my third baby, you’d think (according to everyone) that she’d have slid right out around week 38. But no. Like all of my other babies, she really, really liked it in there. I have not had a delivery that did not have to be induced, even with #2 when my water broke. C’est la vie. I didn’t mind being pregnant, and I guess none of my girlies minded being in there either. ;)

  2. Holly says:

    Not 100% sure, but it might have been the labor-inducing cookies for me.

    I thought they were disgusting, but I choked down six of them.

    I was 41 weeks with my first baby, and five days late with my second. Both “came out” fine.

  3. ceridwen says:

    I found that when I finally made everyone go away & locked myself in bed with a long and totally absorbing book… I went slowly but surely into labor. The book I read was called The Last Of Her Kind by Sigred Nunez– I’ve since met the author and told her that her amazing book (about a friendship between two women from the radical 60s to the present) can actually induce labor. I was almost 41 weeks. (Oh, and once that labor FINALLY did start, it only hurt for about an hour and half!)

  4. Jennifer says:

    At 10 days overdue with my second child, I took castor oil (with the permission of my midwife). It was disgusting. My son was born less than 5 hours later. You can draw your own conclusion from that!

  5. Kim says:

    Evening Primrose Oil inserted vaginally 6-8 capsules a night. Goooood orgasms.

  6. B. says:

    I will try to be brief. I was in the exact same shoes… and the Dr said i can not wait any longer i will be induced on friday (this was almost 3 years ago), so on thursday afternoon i went to a reflexologist … i am not even kidding by the time i got home i started feeling the contractions (this was around 5 pm) ….. M was born at 7. am the next morning…. i was due at the hospital at 6 am for my induction but needless to say that didn’t have to happen… first baby extremely easy labor…all i can say is that reflexology HELPED ME A LOT. – (Also when he pressed the pressure point on my feet that belongs to the uterus it hurt really bad- which wasn’t a bad thing i am just saying)

    hope this helps!!!!

  7. Lisa says:

    I was totally there 17 months ago! I did not want to be induced. I tried all of that too but what really worked for me was doing several hours of wide hip rolling and bouncing on a big pilates ball (while watching a movie at home) Went into labor the next day. Good luck!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Castor oil. But it won’t work if you take it too soon, but it’s not too soon for you (haha). I mixed a TB with some orange juice and 8 hours later I was in labor. :) The science behind it is this: castor oil works by contracting your bowels to make you poo (and you will) and because everything is all squished around bc of the uterus, the uterus also feels the spasming of your bowel, and starts contracting itself. But it won’t work if it’s not ready. :)

  9. suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} says:

    you need to have the sex. that worked for me, but damn if i didn’t know about that evening primrose oil!

  10. N says:

    Whether or not this is what did it, the day before my scheduled induction at 42 weeks, my midwife stripped my membranes (but I had a good bishop score, 3 cm…and I can’t remember what percentage effaced). I had been hesitant to do it before then, but with a looming induction, I was willing to try anything! I went into labor that evening and the baby was born the next morning a few hours before my scheduled appt. Whew! But again, maybe it was just coincidence? Good luck–I know what a roller coaster this last week can be!

  11. Reese says:

    I went into labor at 41weeks 1day. I wasn’t in a hurry. I did walk every day, I ate at an Italian place where they say the spagetti sauce induces labor 2 days before, buti didn’t have the sauce. Driving down bumpy dirt roads works.

  12. ldancer says:

    I was ten days past EDD and going nuts, so I went to the local acupuncturist and begged for her help. That was a Friday night, and I went into labor at 4 am on Sunday, day 12. Before that I’d tried weeks of hanging out on all fours, bouncing on a Pilates ball, walking up and down stairs, doing pushups (not really for induction, just because I needed to move), even eating eggplant parm, despite the fact that I totally didn’t buy that old wives’ tale. One of the midwives told me, “No form of induction, natural or chemical, will cause labor to start if the cervix isn’t ripe”. So, your baby probably just wants to hang around and grow his or her brain a little longer. The kid’ll be a genius!

  13. Felicia says:

    With my first nothing worked.. sadly. But, when my second came along I did a lot of walking, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, and sex. All of these combined helped… or maybe he was ready?! I know it can be frustrating! Not much longer. Congrats!

  14. Jessica says:

    Baby #1 was 10 days late, baby #2 was 11 days late. Between the two of them I have pretty much done it all, walking, sex, castor oil, enema, evening primrose oil (not vaginally though…that’s a new one to me), nipple stimulation, squatting, more walking. With the first, castor oil seemed to do the trick. The second…waiting.

  15. Juanita Dueck says:

    I know some people have cautioned against this but I have many friends who drank raspberry tea and had very favorable results….stimulates contractions. Raspberry tea works good for menstrual cramps so I would think it would help with labour too. I hope it ends soon and well..don’t rush it, whatever you do. Baby comes when Baby’s ready!

  16. MELISSA says:

    primrose oil, make a pin hole and rub the oil as close to the cervix as you can, then insert 2, then take a nice gulp of castor oil, i took this method at 10pm and woke up at 12:00pm went to the bath room played on the computer and at 12:45 my water broke! LOVE THE PRIM ROSE OIL, get it at any vitamin section!

  17. reannan says:

    I think u are funny and fabulous! You know ur baby will come out soon! Also, I felt the same about 20 months ago. I took a small dosage of casor oil as well, and in my opinion I would strongly discourage the use. Little one ended up with alot of meconium which is a side affect. It is definately not worth the risk to me this time with # 3 due in about 6 weeks. Also, red raspberry yea does not cause contractions. The tea is a uterine toner and will help make ur own contractions more effective when u have them. I drink it hot or brew a bunch andhave over ice with honey and lemon. Happy waiting mama!

  18. Valerie - CharmedValerie says:

    At 40 weeks 2 days, I stuck a bunch of evening primrose tablets in my vag and had a baby in less than 24 hours.

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