When Your Friend is Pregnant and You Are Not

This is Katie. Photo by Missy of mL Photography

By the time you read this post, I will be on my way to BlogHer ’11 (remember that this was part of my silver lining last month, when we were, yet again, not pregnant?).

I will be sharing a room with three of my dearest friends.

Yep, that’s four of us in one room.

One of them is pregnant.

She may have mentioned it a time or two.

Or twelve.

Her name is Katie and I’m so insanely happy for her. Her joy is truly my joy.

But…I have some things to say to Katie and what better place than here?

So, Katie? If you’re listening?

I’m not going to feel bad for you for being tired, nauseous, or hormonal.


Here’s what I am going to do:

I’m going to get in your personal space and touch your stomach (probably without permission) (probably repeatedly).

And I’m going to pester you with names and probably nag you to go to bed early.

I’m going to make sure you eat and stay off your feet as much as possible.

And ask you if you’ve had enough water.

Because I am so incredibly joyous for you.

Think if we spoon, baby dust will rub off on me?

I’m not ruling it out.

Love you, Katie!