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When Your Unborn Has Other Plans

By Casi Densmore-Koon |

Today I went to the doctors for what I thought was going to be a quick chat and consult with my doctor. Apparently, my unborn had other plans. And now, I’m typing this from my hospital bed. Being admitted to the hospital was definitely not on my to-do list for today.

For those who have been following me know I’ve been battling pre-term labor. (Get caught up here and here.) Not to mention a little certain someone who wants to make an appearance entirely before his time. So, here’s the plan. My doctors orders are literally two pages long.

I’ve been admitted to the high risk prenatal floor where they plan to monitor and stabilize my contractions + pre-term labor. I’ve already been on light bed rest and taking Procardia every 8 hours but as you can see – it’s not helping.  I will say my weekly 17p shot is doing its job as I’m not dilating. However, my uterus on the other hand has a mind of its own. And considering my track record – I dilate very suddenly.

So I will be laying here. Waiting for meds to kick in. Praying they work so everything can go back to normal. If they don’t work, they will take extreme precautions like magnesium which I don’t want anything to do with. It’s one awful medication via IV. Literally, you feel like you’re burning. It’s not fun but, of course, whatever works to keep this baby boy inside!

As for the plan once I leave the hospital? Whenever that may be. I will most likely be on complete bed rest which means I will only be able to get up to use the bathroom. That’s it. Oh, and shower, twice a week for 5 minutes each time. With a business (even working today from my iPhone!) + 4 littles – this is not going to be easy for me. As soon as I heard the word admitted, I cried. I knew it wasn’t going to be smooth sailing. I knew they were worried. I knew the rest of this pregnancy was going to be anything but fun. I am worried, anxious and well – all of the above. Once again I would love to fast forward time so I can know everything will be okay. I’m keeping the faith and asking for prayers to get my little guy to the end!

And so I sit with a racing heart. Waiting, wishing, praying. Waiting for the unknown, wishing for the best and praying for a happy ending. The best part of my day right now? My husband just went and got me a black bottom cupcake. That about sums it up for now + the fact that I am already missing my Littles.  I’m hoping my next update will be from my laptop, at home, in my own bed with good news! Fingers crossed for answered prayers!

Oh, and as I am typing this – the high risk doctor just came in to inform I still have a kidney infection and will now have to be on antibiotics until the end of the pregnancy. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other…..

Please chime in and leave me a comment on how you survived pre-term labor! PLEASE. 

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Casi Densmore-Koon

Casi Densmore-Koon is the founder and editor of cupcakeMAG, and cupcakeMAG Littles, ringleader of her five kids under ten, and her darling hubs. When she isn’t writing, interviewing celebs, and styling clients, you can find her reading the “weeklies,” wishing she had a nanny, and chasing after her little ones! Read bio and latest posts → Read Casi's latest posts →

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16 thoughts on “When Your Unborn Has Other Plans

  1. Tracey Gurley says:

    Sending prayers your way! xoxo

  2. Sonya Morris says:

    I have never had to deal with pre-term labor but I will keep you in my prayers!

  3. ashley rose says:

    I was on complete bed rest from the time I was 8 weeks till I had my son at 39 weeks I had complete previa of the placenta where its sitting over your cervix or birth canal and every time I got up I would bleed like crazy my son tried to enter this world at 24 weeks so from the time I was 24 weeks till 39 weeks I was naphedapine or how ever you spell it.nasty stuff had to take it every 4 hours made me want to crawl out of my skin.I hated my husband and wanted him out lol I took up sewing and bloging to pass my time its hard but we do what we need to for our babies I also had 1 complication after another too many to list saw my son once a week for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy on ultrasounds and ultimaley I was induced and had an emergency c section I was knocked out and woke up to have my son be in the nicu for a week but now he’s 1 and very happy I wish you the best of luck and best wishes to your family!prayers your ways don’t give up I know its hard and being pregnant is not what they show in the movies that’s for sure!

  4. Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso says:

    Casi, I am praying for you and your baby.
    Please take deep breaths and try to relax as much as you can. Keep us posted.
    Call me when you feel up to it. Thinking of you! xoxo~

  5. Jessica says:

    I’m sorry Casi!! :( I’ll be praying for your little boy to stay put and for both of your health….hoping you get to go home soon!!

  6. M says:

    Fingers crossed for you and your little boy! He’s just too eager to get out into the world and start playing with his sisters. xx

  7. Kristi says:

    Prayers going your way!!

  8. Deanna says:

    Casi, you and the little man are in my prayers..

  9. Jessi says:

    I had a rare form of vasa previa when I was pregnant with my now two-year-old daughter. The placenta started as complete previa covering my cervix, but then it split into two placentas and each was connected by a strand of blood vessels sitting on the cervix. At 30 weeks, the membranes were dipping into the cervix, it was funneled and I was dilated. I was admitted to the hospital as well and was stable the first two weeks, then it went down hill. They pumped me full of procardia (didn’t work), then terbutaline (didn’t work). At 33 weeks I was put on the mag, and stayed on it until I delivered at 35 weeks. It was rough–but what kept me going, honestly, was a Wii! My husband brought it and hooked it up for me. I played Mario games on the Wii for entertainment… I scrapbooked (my husband literally brought my Cricut Expression to the hospital room). I kept myself as busy as I could so I wasn’t just laying there feeling sorry for myself. Since you now have to “live” in that hospital bed, make the most of it. Keep yourself occupied. Mag sucks, especially for a long period of time, but always remember this: it does NOT last forever. There is an end in sight–a LOVELY end. A gift from God. It may feel like an eternity in the hospital, but it’s really a short part of your life with the greatest reward at the end. Good luck and please keep us posted.

  10. Kim says:

    I just can’t get over these updates! Every one I read just makes my heart sad that you are deling with all of this. Stay calm and relaxed (I know easier said than done) and my fingers are crossed you get out of the hospital soon and that the remainder of these months before Oct fly by!! Thinking and praying of you and your little man!! xoxo

  11. Deliece says:

    Casi…my heart is with you as I know you are scared and worried! I was on bedrest for 2.5 months with Miranda (1.5 months in the hospital on monitors)…we knew it would likely not be a happy ending so I spent the time rubbing my belly and talking to her. Almost 11 years later, that time is still precious to me. I felt her kick and flutter and I listened to that heartbeat on the monitor. Just take a breath, let the outside world take care of itself, allow your friends to help out with your children and soon you will have a healthy, beautiful son to cuddle and hold…it seems like an insurmountable journey if you think about it all so just think about this moment…then move to the next. Keep your heart and mind on that beautiful baby boy and you can do it. I know how badly you want to be with the girls right now…and they miss you but in the grand scheme of life, it’s a blip on the big old time-o-meter! Just a few more weeks and you can smile and snuggle with ALL of them. Sending MANY hugs and prayers friend!! I know how determined you are….you can do this!! XOXOXOXO!!

  12. Ariane Griffiths says:

    I went into full blown labour at 24 weeks and I thought that was bad.. my thoughts are with you..

    I wish I had’ve been diagnosed with something.. but I was told that my body was actually fighting off my baby.. rejecting it.. THAT is a crazy terrible feeling.. I went into labour and dilated to 5cm before they were able to stop the labour (after the steroid injection). I ended up sending my 3yo to live with the in-laws for the following two months and was was bed ridden (albeit spent a LOT of time on stress tests and monitors) for those two months.. I was induced and was presented with a neo-natal nurse who was “on-standby” should my guy be less than 5lbs (so small.. was my thought) My itty bitty was born at 8 months via a very quick induction (another sign of rejection so I was told – labour was 2 hours start to finish) at 5lbs on the nose..

    He’s crazy healthy (7 years later) and is just plain crazy – hyper-energy :) And I thank God every day..

    Again, my thoughts are with you and I hope things go a little smoother from here on in..

  13. Selena & Anna says:

    You know we are praying for you constantly Casi and we are so sorry you are going through all of this… again! We hope if you do have to stay in the hospital… your hubby will bring you your A&I gowns.

    big {{{hugs}}}
    Selena & Anna

  14. Kd says:

    I am just wondering why the post date is January.

  15. Jessica says:

    Hello! I will keep you in my prayers. I started contracting at about 18 weeks and from then on it was non stop. I was on albuteron every 8 hours but eventually that didn’t slow down my contractions enought. I spent almost very weekend at the hospital getting terbutaline shoots and eventually those didn’t work either. At the end we had to use magnisium which helped but my contractions never went away. I spent a total of 2 months total in the hospital (besides being on bedrest at home) with the last 2.5 weeks from 33.5 weeks to 36 weeks when I was released from the hospital. My water broke and my baby was born exactly at 37 week. It is a long journey but once you have your baby in your arms you will never look back. Right now it is 4 am and I a feeding my beautifil little boy who is 6 weeks old. can assign you a person who went to the same thing as you’re going that will help you and give you support in your journey. Good luck! I hope everything goes well. You will be in my mind.

  16. Jessica says:

    OMG I just read your past articles. Our stories are so similar. Keep in mind that those things in ultrasound can turn out to be nothing. I am living prove of that! I will be praying for you.

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