Wherein I Don't Make The Cut

I've got my eye on you...

Well, Being Pregnant-ers, it seems my time has come. I have enjoyed sharing my tidbits of life and this pregnancy with you, but I’m not cutting it.

It’s as plain and simple as that.

Sometimes you just can’t keep up with it all, and this is one of those times. While I started writing for Being Pregnant just a few months ago, it was in the midst of a cross-country move and life has only sped up in that short amount of time.

I could share a list of personal things I have going on and circumstances beyond my control, but the bottom line is my numbers here are not what the community needs. And so, I will no longer be writing for Being Pregnant.

I will however, remain quite pregnant with this little lady over in my neck of the interwebs, and can be found at my personal blog, My Bottle’s Up.

I do look forward to some smaller freelance opportunities in the future. It’s always a terrific blessing when you can make money doing what you love. Opportunities like that are hard to come by. Writing for the Babble community has been that for me, and I am grateful. The conversations that I have had with you in this forum have been enjoyable and respectful, and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

I am around the internet quite a bit, so feel free to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

I wish you all well and look forward to “seeing you” sometime again.