Which Kardashian is Pregnant Now?


Just when you think the Kardashian’s can be excluded from the news for a minute or two, pregnancy rumors start swirling among the media. But which Kardashian is front and center in the newest pregnancy rumor?  Is it Khloe and her husband Lamar?  Kourtney and infamous baby daddy Scott?  Or the single sister Kim?

If you said Kim, you would be right!

The newest media blitz includes a full scale rumor that the busy business woman is impregnated by none other than raps number one bad boy Kanye West. But don’t get excited too fast because the Kardashian camp has come out quickly to make a statement about the newest rumor.

Kim has said the rumor is 100% not true!

Unfortunately for all of us celebrity obsessed pregnancy watchers, there will be no little feet pitter-pattering around for Kim, but maybe we can expect another Kardashian heir from Khloe, or even another from Kourtney in the next year?

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