While You Were Puking: Pregnancy Medical News Weekly Update #36


Apparently, Kim Kardashian had her baby this week but who cares when there’s news out there that’s actually interesting. (Okay, perhaps the poor kid’s name is interesting, in a really awful way. I like to think that K.K. read my 15 Baby Names That Should Never Be Used But Have Been and decided she wanted to make it on yet another list. But anyhoo…)

If you like to follow all the conflicting pregnancy reports, you’ll just love this week! Hot off the press are two reports about iron supplements and pregnancy and neither report agrees with the other.

But the great pregnancy medical news doesn’t stop there. Read on, ladies! Read on.

  • This Week’s Round-up 1 of 7
    Pregnancy Medical News

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  • Daily Iron Supplement Linked to Improved Birth Weight 2 of 7
    Pregnancy Medical News

    According to a new study published by the BMJ Group, "Taking iron daily during pregnancy is associated with a significant increase in birth weight and a reduction in risk of low birth weight." But don't go downing those pills just yet ladies, because this topic is the latest to make it to the "conflicting pregnancy information" team. See why in the next slide...

    Source: EurekAlert
    Photo: iStockphoto

  • Twice-Weekly Iron Supplements Equally as Effective for Infant Development 3 of 7
    Pregnancy Medical News

    Conflicting pregnancy medical news isn't really all that uncommon, but I've yet to see two conflicting reports come out within the same week. According to findings published in the PLOS Medicine Journal, "daily supplementation of iron tablets does not provide any benefits in birth weight or improved infant growth compared to twice weekly supplementation." 

    So there ya have it, ladies. As always, talk to your doctor about what's best for you.

    Source: Counsel & Heal
    Photo: iStockphoto

  • More Bad News About Smoking During Pregnancy 4 of 7
    Pregnancy Medical News

    In two separate reports this week, more dangers of smoking while pregnant have been revealed. The first study shows that pregnant smokers are more likely to have teenagers who suffer from hearing loss. The other study has found that "exposure to maternal cigarette smoking, while it may cause defects and poor health, can also cause an altered state of reward processing in children, especially in their teen years. Altered reward processing in these children indicates a need to participate in risky behaviors, like unsafe driving or drug use or abuse, for the pleasure they feel afterward." 

    Source: Reuters
    Source: Medical Daily
    Photo: iStockphoto

  • Many Mothers Miss Out on Congenital Screenings 5 of 7
    Pregnancy Medical News

    A new study shows that one in four mothers of babies who died from congenital defects were not given the option to screen for the abnormalities during pregnancy.

    Source: Health Hub
    Photo: iStockphoto

  • Over 50% of Pregnant Women Use Dangerous Insecticides in the Home 6 of 7
    Pregnancy Medical News

    Researchers have discovered that exposure to household insecticides during pregnancy and infancy has a negative effect on fetal growth and neurological development, as well as an increased risk in developing childhood leukemia and that over 50% of pregnant women use some kind of insecticide in the home. 

    Source: News Medical
    Photo: iStockphoto

  • Moms and Babies Face Health Risks From Fracking 7 of 7
    Pregnancy Medical News

    According to a new report from the Center for Environmental Health, moms and their babies are especially vulnerable to the long-term health effects of natural gas drilling (commonly referred to as hydrofracking or fracking), which include low birth weight, birth defects, respiratory problems, cancer, and fertility problems.

    Source: HuffPost Green
    Photo: iStockphoto

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