While You Were Puking: Pregnancy Medical News Weekly Update #4


Weekly Pregnancy Medical News Update

I really look forward to writing this weekly round-up of important pregnancy medical news each week. I like staying on top of the latest news in general, so when it comes to something as specific as pregnancy health news, it’s even more exciting.

I was especially glad to cover this week’s news because it helped keep my mind off of my own bum news. But not to worry, I’m jumping back in the saddle and pushing onward!

But first, a trip to the dentist…

Find out why it’s important to take care of your oral health during pregnancy, and see what else is new this week.

  • Good Oral Health is Important During Pregnancy 1 of 7
    Good Oral Health is Important During Pregnancy
    My dentist-uncles will be proud this news made the weekly round-up! According to the National Oral Health Policy Center, hormonal changes during pregnancy can increase a woman's susceptibility to oral infections and reduce the body's ability to repair soft tissues in the mouth, which means that taking care of your mouth should be a priority during pregnancy.
    Source: NBC Affiliate Television
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  • Overweight Dads’ Sperm Contribute to Poor Fetal Development 2 of 7
    Overweight Dads' Sperm Contribute to Poor Fetal Development
    It's not just overweight women who need to be concerned about pregnancy. Overweight men can also contribute to the health issues of their babies. Researchers have discovered that a "father's obesity negatively impacts sperm, resulting in smaller fetuses, poor pregnancy success and reduced placental development."
    Source: University of Melbourne
    Photo: iStockPhoto
  • Bipolar ‘At Ease’ During Pregnancy, But Risk of Episode Highest in Postpartum Period 3 of 7
    Bipolar 'At Ease' During Pregnancy, But Risk of Episode Highest in Postpartum Period
    According to research, pregnancy may have a positive effect on bipolar disorder. However, that might be because women generally stop taking antidepressants during pregnancy, and researchers say that antidepressants actually worsen bipolar symptoms. So is it that pregnancy relieves bipolar disorder, or is it the fact that these women aren't taking wrongly prescribed medication? The jury's still out.
    Source: Medical News Today
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  • Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma in Children 4 of 7
    Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma in Children
    I'm pretty sure since I started my weekly round-up of important pregnancy medical news, smoking has made it to each one. This week, researchers have linked yet more badness to smoking during pregnancy: The children of these women are more likely to develop asthma and wheezing by preschool than children of nonsmoking mothers. Hey ladies, can ya just quit already?
    Source: Medical News Today
    Photo: iStockPhoto
  • Genetic Mutations Linked to Father’s Age — Not Mother’s 5 of 7
    Genetic Mutations Linked to Father's Age — Not Mother's
    Two stories in one week that focus on the contributing role of men and take the spotlight finally a bit off of women. A new study has found that a father's age is linked to hereditary genetic mutations, but the mother's age is not significantly associated with an increase.
    Source: MedPage Today
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  • Some Alternative Medicines Linked to Lead Poisoning in Pregnant Women 6 of 7
    Some Alternative Medicines Linked to Lead Poisoning in Pregnant Women
    This story seems to be more about where these Ayurvedic medicines are coming from than the fact that these medications are alternative. Apparently, pregnant women living in the U.S. who've taken Ayurvedic pills from India have suffered from lead poisoning, which greatly endangers unborn children.
    Source: International Business Times
    Photo: 123RF Stock Photo
  • Recurring Miscarriages ‘Caused by Super-Fertility’ 7 of 7
    Recurring Miscarriages 'Caused by Super-Fertility'
    A study has found that women who have recurring miscarriages might suffer from a phenomenon called "super-fertility," in which the woman is deemed "too good" at letting an imperfect embryo that wouldn't otherwise survive implant in her uterus. It's a fascinating discovery, any way you slice it, and I highly recommend that you click here to read what a mother who's experienced 12 miscarriages has to say about this study.
    Source: The Telegraph
    Photo: iStockPhoto

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