Who's Invited to the Main Event?


Cincinnati birth photography A couple years ago I remember having a discussion with my then expecting sister-in-law about who would be in the hospital room when she gave birth. She had the same thinking as me, it would be her and her husband along with any medical professionals that needed to be there. Period. Apparently this was a hot discussion with her and her in-laws. Her husband’s sisters had been very open about inviting the whole family/friends/neighborhood to the births of their children and her mother-in-law was wondering why she didn’t feel the same way. She was even offended that she wouldn’t get the invite which put my sister-in-law in a bit of a sticky situation. Ultimately she stuck to her guns and told her MIL very kindly that she would not be joining them in the delivery room.

Now that I’m at the point where giving birth is just around the corner, I’ve been thinking more about who exactly will be in the room with me. At the time of that discussion I was adamantly against anyone besides my husband being in the room but now I’m a little more open to the idea of having someone else in there. A photographer? Or maybe my sister? I think my initial hesitancy was that I was focusing on all the not so flattering things that can happen during birth and didn’t want anybody else to witness it. Now I’ve become more focused on the beauty and excitement of it all and might want to have it captured or share it with someone who really wants to experience it. Mind you, I will not be inviting my next door neighbors cousin’s niece.

How about you, is there going to be an audience at your child’s birth?

image: Beautiful Beginnings Birth Photography