Why Family is Important During Pregnancy


I’m in Florida for the week visiting my family and it couldn’t be at a better time.  I mentioned on Friday that my morning sickness is at it’s all time worst.  I’ve also started to get terrible heartburn.  Put those two together and it makes for a pretty miserable pregnant woman.

These pregnancy side effects have left me wanting to do nothing but sleep the pain away.  Unfortunately that is tough with a two year old running around.  I couldn’t have lucked out more to be this sick while I was spending a week in Tampa.  Yes, it leaves me stuck in bed and not doing many of the things that I would rather be doing, but being here gives me the ability to lay in bed.  Getting my rest and taking time for myself while my family is taking care of Harlan has me more grateful for them than ever.

My family has always been very supportive of me throughout life, but it’s the times that I really need them the most that they have been right there.  When I suffered my miscarriage my mom was on the first flight up from Florida to spend time with me.  My sister lives in the city too and has even been willing to take a day off of work if I need her for any reason at all.  My mother-in-law came and stayed up with Harlan when she was first born so that my husband and I could get some much needed rest.

While I lay in bed today writing this post, Harlan is downstairs with my dad and my sisters boyfriend playing hide and go seek.  I don’t have to worry about her well being because I know she is being taken care and is in good hands.  This allows me to focus on getting rid of this awful morning sickness and heartburn (if you have any remedies, please let me know.)

I’ve gotten more rest this weekend than I have in the past two years since I have had Harlan.  Although I am not feeling much better, my body definitely feels the positive effects of the rest.  And I have my family to thank for that.

How has your family been supportive during pregnancy?