Why I Am Doing Birth Classes With Baby #4


It may sound strange to want to do birth classes for baby #4 – especially when I actually have done birth classes before (baby #1).

But in reality it’s not that strange. Here’s why…

I have a very special circumstance in that my midwife is also a licensed psychotherapist (remember how I had to break up with my old midwife?), but the fact that she also offers marriage counseling and counseling for mother’s (like me) who’ve had traumatic birth experiences (as a part of the course) isn’t the only reason I want to take her birth classes.

If you can find someone offering birth classes that are so much more – classes that cover things for YOU, for your soul. Or ways to learn how to manage and deal with life, so that you may manage and deal with BIRTH, in the most peaceful and growth inducing way you can. I say do it even if it’s baby #8 or more!

Plus, this will be a really sweet time once a week, for 6 weeks, that my husband and I can share just the two of us to focus on this new baby. We’ve not really had time for those specific love reasons, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Your birth practitioners – OB, midwife, doula – may know of someone in your area offering classes like this (or maybe THEY even teach them!) so give it a try!