Why I Love Being Pregnant


I guess I should say…for now!

1. I can eat macaroni salad for breakfast and no one will say a word. Yep, had it this morning. Don’t judge me :)

2. I get a reason to go out with no children–to my doctors appointments, of course.

3. Another reason to shop – not just for baby, but for me! Maternity clothes have been super-cute lately.

4. I can send Mr. Darling out at all hours to get anything I need. Gotta conquer those cravings!

5. I don’t feel guilty when I take a nap in my go-go-go world. In fact, my doctor actually prescribes them to me, which I just love!

6. Glow! My cheeks are always rosy so I never need blush.

7. My hair is coming back thicker! And my nails are growing!

8. Hello, cleavage.

9. First time baby moves. Nothing can explain this feeling!

10. Strangers show the love by holding the door, letting you go ahead in line or just making conversation. We’ve even been moved up on the reservation list. What’s not to love?

Of course I could do without the random tears, exhaustion and morning sickness but they don’t outweigh the things I am loving right now.

What do you love about your pregnancy?

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