Why The Ban On Cameras In Labor And Delivery Wards Is Bad For Birth


I find this incredibly depressing: Some hospitals are banning the use of video cameras at births as they could be used against doctors in malpractice suits.

None of that sounds good.

Imagine being the doctor. You’re so worried about malpractice you can hardly think straight.

Imagine being the mother. Your own baby’s birth can’t be filmed because goodness knows what kind of shoddy care could be caught on tape.

Imagine if home birth midwives banned the use of video cameras. How do you think that would play out? People would go ballistic! What are they trying to cover up?? More evidence that these midwives are doing all kinds of improper, dangerous things.

I really hope this ban doesn’t catch on. This is not because I think videos of birth are so incredibly important– which they are to some people– it’s because the environment surrounding birth these days is just getting more and more fraught. Women need to feel safe in labor. They need to feel they trust their care-providers and know that wherever they are– hospital, home, birthing center– the care-provider is confident enough for the cameras to be rolling.

photo: John Biehler/Flickr