Why Venture Capitalists Should Invest In Pregnant Entrepreneurs And Women With Families

"No offense guys, I'd love to see any of you do this."

The Internets are atwitter this A.M. about a blog post from Joanne Wilson (aka Gotham Gal and wife of venture capitalist Fred Wilson).

In the post, the successful businesswoman tells her personal story of work/life balance: she took time to have and raise kids but then plunged back into the workforce full hog. But she’s “still CEO of the Wilson household.” Though Wilson is immensely successful, her point is less about ‘having it all,’ and more about a mother’s ability to ‘do it all.’ A skill that needs to be recognized by venture capitalists, among others:

“Bottom line, as more and more women leave the workplace or re-enter the workplace, the reality is that whatever they choose to do for themselves or even if they never left work, their day job as CEO of the household will always continue to exist.  So when VC’s or investors are concerned that pregnant entrepreneurs or women with families make them take pause to invest, the reality is most women are doing a helluva lot more than anyone realizes and they thrive on it. No offense guys, I’d love to see any of you do this. ”

Wilson has a good life with lots of resources, so I don’t expect everyone to relate to her personal story. But I think her larger point about how working mothers are still domestically-involved mothers is a good one. (It’s also backed up by research- women are working more outside the home but their domestic responsibilities haven’t changed all that much.)

One re-tweeted tweet on the topic of this blog post reads,  “Reasons to Fund Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Pregnant and/or Mothers.”  I think it’s absolutely true that mothers are often resourceful, efficient fast learners who are not inclined to make time or money-wasting choices.  Of course this is a huge generalization, but my point, and I think Wilson’s point, is that it’s silly to assume a pregnant woman/new mother is a dodgy investment.

What do you think? Are you a wise investment?

photo: Jessica Wilson

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