WiFi Laptops Can Harm Male Sperm Count and Health


It’s well-known that excess heat can cause a decrease in sperm count and even temporarily impair sperm production. Heat related causes like athletic wear, hot tubs, etc are usually temporary. However, new research shows cause for concern from laptop WiFi signals.

The study was performed in Argentinia and published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility to determine the effects of sperm being exposed to WiFi internet signals.

After just four hours of exposure, 3 times of the number of exposed sperm showed signs of DNA damage compared to un-exposed sperm. More exposed sperm were immobile than the control sperm samples.

One thing that I would have liked to have seen in this study was a higher sample count. It seemed that the number of tests were very small. I did like seeing that the control samples were kept at the same temperature as the sperm exposed to the WiFi signals.

This means that it wasn’t ONLY the heat that accounted for the sperm degradation. Scientists say that it’s the electromagnetic radiation generated by the laptop when the wireless signals are in use.

“Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality,” they write in their report.

I guess it’s time to add “wireless laptop in the lap use” to the list of things to avoid if you are trying to conceive.